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The Elder Scrolls Online: Postcards From Tamriel

One of my favorite aspects of The Elder Scrolls franchise has always been the gorgeous scenery and fascinating places to discover. Now that The Elder Scrolls Online has morphed into One Tamriel, you can explore all of the beautiful vistas the game has to offer without having to play through the main quest or create multiple characters, like in the past. Let’s go on a tour with some postcards from Tamriel.


Always an Aldmeri

As an Aldmeri, I’m always at home in Auridon, the first area that you get to explore as one of the game’s high elves.

Postcards from Tamriel

Visit the docks in Vukhel Guard

It’s comforting to return to Vukhel Guard to visit the bank, work on some crafting, check in with your fellow fighter and magician guildies, and upgrade your mounts at the stable. Chances are, you will have the layout of this lush Elven paradise memorized for easy navigation. If you would like to travel to distant lands, visit the docks to book passage to a different alliance.

If your travels take you further into the Aldmeri Dominion, you will probably find yourself in Elden Root, the capital city of the region. This city built inside a massive tree can be intimidating at first, but soon you will find everything you need to equip yourself for adventure.

Postcards from Tamriel

Enter the giant tree of Elden Root

For those who persist in their explorations, continue through the Aldmeri Dominion until you reach Rawl’Kha in the center of Reaper’s March. This popular city is a hub of trade, with several guild traders ready to sell their wares. Drop some postcards from Tamriel in the mail for your friends before setting off for more remote regions.

Postcards from Tamriel

The Do’Krin Monastery looks inviting from a distance.

One of the final places you may visit in Reaper’s March is the public dungeon in the south, Selene’s Web. While it is hardly a vacation destination, you can find a few serene areas on the way. I stopped to admire the tranquil lake outside the Do’Krin Monastery before plunging into the dungeon.


On To Ebonheart

If you choose to travel to the Ebonheart Pact, the first large area to explore is Stonefalls. Compared to anywhere else in Tamriel, this region offers a drastic change of scenery. The landscape is full of black stone and lava, distant volcanoes, and bleakness with nothing green to be found. You’ll have to watch your step everywhere you travel here. But despite the newfound types of dangers, this region of Morrowind offers a type of stark beauty.

Postcards from Tamriel

Lava everywhere!

Those intrepid explorers who push through Deshaan to the swamps of Shadowfen and reach Stormhold will find this unique city to be a thriving trade center. Nestled in the Argonian homeland, you should take particular precautions to avoid the Knahaten Flu, a disease deadly to non-Argonians. With plenty of other dangers spread through Shadowfen, you may want to reconsider taking a vacation to this region.

Postcards from Tamriel

Stormhold is a bit dismal

A safer destination may be north and west from Stonefalls where you can find a path to The Rift, entrance to the fabled land of Skyrim.

Postcards from Tamriel

This way to Skyrim!

Reminisce over the fall foliage and birch trees around Riften and explore the city with its bi-level waterfront region, which is perfect for trading, theft, and murder.

Postcards from Tamriel

Riften is always fun. Plenty of innocents lurk by the water, ready to be victims.

If you’ve had enough of the heat and humidity in Stonefalls, Deshaan, and Shadowfen, keep pushing north until you reach Eastmarch and the famed city of Windhelm. With a dusting of snow across the landscape, you will feel the chill of the nearby mountains. Windhelm is also one of the oldest settlements in Tamriel, so chat with the locals about the history of this City of Kings.

Postcards from Tamriel

Windhelm offers nice views of the frigid landscape.

Now for Something Different

Tamriel isn’t just forest, jungle, and mountains. When you’re ready for something different, take a trip to the desolate grandeur of the Alik’r Desert.

Postcards from Tamriel

It’s so hot here. Take plenty of water.

You can find this arid region in northern Hammerfell, and it is accessible via boat from several major cities. With few large cities, this home to Redguards offers a vast region to explore. Buy a camel, take plenty of water, and head out to search for underground ruins, a wealth of mineral resources, and a dangerous cult of necromancers.

If you’re looking for more sandy areas after wandering the Alik’r, head north to Bangkorai. This region is dominated by the Bangkorai pass, which divides the aridness of the south from the thick forests of the north. This area is great for taking some screenshots to send more postcards from Tamriel.

Postcards from Tamriel

Travel through Bangkorai during the day to stay safe from vampires.

Stay vigilant, however, for Bangkorai is full of dangers. Bloodfiends have been rumored to stalk the region on some nights, transmitting the curse of vampirism to unwary travelers.


Travel with Friends

If you prefer to make your vacation a group outing, Craglorn is the place to be! If your friends accompany you, it won’t be necessary to send them any postcards. But be careful, Craglorm is a dangerous place. Make sure to bring a large enough group to survive the delves and trials found here.

Postcards from Tamriel

Meet your friends in a safe location before heading into the wilds of Craglorn.

If you prefer a unique region that could use your help, take a caravan ride to Wrothgar, homeland of the Orcs. King Kurog is looking for intrepid adventurers to help rebuild the city of Orsinium.

Postcards from Tamriel

Rebuild the city of Orsinium.

Although Wrothgar is a dangerous area, persistence will help you reunite the Orc tribes, discover the mysteries of Old Orsinium, or explore Rkindaleft, a Dwarven ruin found within a glacier.


New and Old Dangers

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of Oblivion, you can visit Cyrodiil or the newly accessible region of The Gold Coast with the cities of Anvil and Kvatch.

Postcards from Tamriel

Visit Kvatch in the Gold Coast.

Beware, though, for visitors here may be approached by members of the Dark Brotherhood looking for new recruits. If you’d like to be paid for murder and don’t mind following the orders of this frightening group, you can work your way into its ranks.

For a more traditional good versus evil story, make sure to complete the main quest by traveling to Coldharbour.

Postcards from Tamriel

Coldharbour is a scary place.

This bleak area is unique in all of Tamriel and offers some truly scary scenes and enemies. Make sure to work your way through the story and visit at least once. With luck, you can send postcards from all of Tamriel to your friends and family, and maybe they’ll accompany you on your next trip.

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