Qelric Outlines Lost Vikings Patch For Heroes of the Storm

Our very own Qelric takes a look at the newest patch for Heroes of the Storm. In this video she will be going over the ability set for the new Hero, “The lost vikings”. The newest patch for heroes of the storm is quite large and there are plenty of other changes are in store for the most recent patch. What are they? Well I guess you will just need to watch Qelric’s most recent video to find out.

If you wish to read the most recent patch notes for Heroes of the Storm, please visit the official website.

  • The Lost Vikings start without any basic abilities and function differently. You can choose to unlock extra abilities by selecting various Talents throughout the duration of the match.

    • Olaf – Has lots of Health, regenerates Health quickly, and charges to Slow enemies.
    • Baleog – Deals splash damage to enemies behind his attack target.
    • Erik – Moves faster than the other Vikings and has a longer attack range.
  • Each Viking can move, attack, and be killed separately. They will also receive individual respawn timers upon their deaths.

  • Use the activated Talent hotkeys “1”, “2”, and “3” to select and control the Vikings individually, or press the “4” key to guide them as a group.

  • When using the heroic “Longboat Raid!” [R], all of the Vikings need to be near each other to perform the action.


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