Qelric Outlines The New Heroes of The Storm Founders Pack

Heroes of the Storm is one of the most hotly anticipated games coming in the next year. It might be the most anticipated MOBA. Whenever Blizzard does something, it’s almost a sure thing that the gaming communities interest will get piqued. Heroes of The Storm is no exception. The title is currently in beta and builds off of concepts and mechanics laid down by games like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA). Blizzard hopes that Heroes of the Storm will be more accessible to players but still provide the same level of strategy that MOBA fans desire.

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The title has been in beta for sometime now and Blizzard has been actively flagging new accounts. Recently Blizzard released a new founders pack for those interested who didn’t have the patience to wait for acceptance in to the beta. If you’re curious about the new Founders pack in Heroes of the storm, our new video featuring Qelric outlines what’s included in the pack and whether its a decent value for your money.

The founders pack is available for $39.99 USD. For more information on Heroes of the Storm or to purchase the founders pack for yourself please visit the official website for complete details

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