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Secret World Legends: Flappy Bird the Sequel

Right now, Secret World Legends is in the middle of the Whispering Tide event that has seen Agartha invaded by Filth. A statement that makes it sound like they have a litter problem for anyone who hasn’t given the game a try. But for those who are part of the Secret World know how dangerous this is. If you’re a long time player you may remember the Whispering Tide from when it first appeared in 2013. It was the lead-up event to the now Tokyo zone that was being released. And that is exactly what it is this time too. With the new game they started over, and Tokyo isn’t in the game yet but it is coming soon, which is why we have the Whispering Tide event once again.

The event itself is rather straight forward. Once an hour, on the hour (or close to) the filth covering a raid entrance will pull back allowing 40 people into the instance. If you don’t make it into one instance another opens automatically, so there’s nothing to worry about. Then you meet Flappy, a cranky giant flying filth beast. Your job is of course to kill it. I missed this event the first time around so I was quite pleased that I got another chance to play it. This is, after all, a once in a lifetime type of event.

I’ve run it once and really don’t feel very pushed to do it again. Raids aren’t my thing and it felt like I spent more time running back from being dead than I did actually fighting him. Still, I am glad that I tried it, just to say I was there if nothing else.


Full Steam Ahead

Looking at the update roadmap we can get an idea of what we have in store for the rest of the year. Sometime in August, we will get the first part of Tokyo: Inner Kaiden. It will bring content from The Secret World that we don’t yet have in Secret World Legends. In fact, much of what happens in Secret World Legends this year will be getting us back to where we were in The Secret World, though much faster than the first time around.

Also in August, we should expect to see Lair Mega-Bosses. Much like the Whispering Tide event, you will be able to take part in 40-man raids in Agartha where this mega-bosses are summoned for you to defeat.

In September we’ll get our first actual raid in Secret World Legends: New York. It is a 10-man raid that takes us to Manhattan where we face the Unutterable Lurker, someone we’re already familiar with thanks to the tutorial.

Also in September, we will get the second part of Tokyo, Outer Kaiden which continues the story in Secret World Legends even further.

The third thing we can expect in September is the Orochi Tower. This is the conclusion of the main storyline, which we have been playing since the start. There will also be two new dungeons introduced. Both dungeons will have story and elite modes.

That brings us to October, which we should really just rename Halloween. Halloween is a special time of year, especially in Secret World. There’s a fun and spooky story line for you to do during Halloween in which you take on Irusan, the Cat God. It is of course filled with exclusive costumes and loot.

November will be a blissful break from the insanity as there is nothing planned. But it wouldn’t be a proper MMO without some sort of Christmas/Winter event. We can expect more new content, new outfits, and more.

Sometime late in the year, or possibly the start of next year, we will get the Upsidedown Dark Agartha and the next phase of Secret World Legends. In it, we will be exploring dark corners of Agartha where some of the oldest residents can be found. Remember that time works differently in Agartha, so anything is possible. Because you’ve been rising through the ranks you will be given a team of rookie agents who you will be able to send on adventures. What this means in terms of gameplay I’m not sure, but I am VERY intrigued. And, as if that wasn’t already amazing sounding, we will also be going to a new country! Personally, I’m hoping for Ireland, but I admit I am a little biased. We’ve got some pretty messed up mythology here and it would be the perfect place for Secret World Legends to go.

Personally, I’m facing a little bit of a dilemma. I’ve only just now managed to get to Innsmouth Academy. I enjoy walking everywhere and I am a little bit of a completionist whore. But I am going to very quickly be left behind as the new content comes in. Should I rush to finish so I’m caught up or should I take my time and get there when I get there? If this was a traditional MMO, I might feel the need to catch up so I am in the same place as everyone else. But because Secret World Legends isn’t a traditional MMO, am I really missing anything by not being with the pack? I’m kind of leaning towards no. On the other hand, as someone who writes about Secret World Legends, there is once again that pressure to be current. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on progressing through the game. Should it be done as quickly as possible or is it okay to take your time but be behind the crowd.

Funcom is doing an excellent job with Secret World Legends and the reboot was exactly what the game needed. At an odd, early hour on a Saturday morning, I saw Agartha still filled with players and there was a mob waiting for Flappy. The poor bird-thing didn’t stand a chance. You may not enjoy the event, but you cannot deny that Funcom has set themselves up for a great year in Secret World Legends. Thanks to the release schedule they’re looking to keep for the rest of this year into the start of next year I fully believe that the hype for the game will stay alive. What will come after that? Only Funcom knows. But if it is anything like what we’ve already seen this year then 2018 is going to be the most epic year The Secret World and Secret World Legends has ever seen.

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