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Here at MMOgames we have been keeping our eye on Skyforge for some time now. This upcoming MMORPG from the Allods team promises some exciting features. It promises to have exciting combat, a unique progression system and a competitive PVP environment. We got a chance to sit down with the developers to talk about the game, what makes it special and most importantly…Player vs Player.

While the game will have extensive PVE options, competitive style game play is where Skyforge really hopes it will shine. The games unique progression system uses a level free mechanic. There will still be classes, but the player will instead progress by unlocking unique talents, abilities and better equipment. Without locking players in to a class it allows the developers to add more in the future. This freedom will give the player the opportunity to try out all sorts of play styles without rolling a new character.

One of the more interesting features of the game is the ability to change classes on the fly. “one button” change could create for very unique and tactical PVP encounters. This could create a lightning quick meta, the theory crafters might end up going nuts on this one. At launch Allods has stated they will have anywhere from 10 to 15 classes.While PVE content will be available in the game, the developers are putting an emphasis on being able to progress however you wish. There are some exclusive rewards available for each, but you can progress through your character by engaging in PVE and PVP style game play.


All your standard play styles are present in Skyforge, with one exception; no healer. Classes will have a range of buffs and de-buffs, but there will be no life regen spells and no designated healer class. My eyebrow is currently a bit raised on this one, I’m curious to see how the absence of a healing mechanic will affect game play. The developers have said there will still be a relatively quick out of combat health regeneration. I am interested to find out more information in regards to this mechanic. It could very well end up being one of those “make or break” features.

Skyforge ditches the traditional “tab target” model for an action based combat. The developers have stated they really wanted the focus of the game to be on exciting and intense combat. Skyforge draws its inspiration from almost every third person action game made in the last fifteen years. Unfortunately, The title will not have controller support at launch. Allods has stated they want to make sure the games current control scheme is clean and polished, but game pad support is not out of the question for future patches.

Today Allods and Obsidian have revealed some of the PVP content that will be in the closed beta test. There will be five different instanced maps for players to test their combat prowess on. Each of the maps ranges in player size from six to 24. All the maps revealed today have a different game mode

Lugran Research Base is a free for all style map where you and five other players will battle to the death. The objective is to be the first player to reach ten kills. One of the important features of this map is that the kill will go to the player who got the last hit; this reminds me of killing mechanics seen in popular MOBAs. It should encourage a more tactical style match as opposed to a brute force killing fest.


The other six man map is called Kingezi arena. Featuring a team death match style game play mode, it will pit teams of three in a best of five rounds game type. The map also contains two bonus power ups in the center, helping give your team the advantage. This will force players to engage and create a point of contention that hopefully will lead to exciting game play

More experienced players will have the opportunity to play in larger PVP arenas. The first of the two 16 man battlefields is called Ring of Immortals. It’s a map control style game play that has teams of eight fighting to control several different points in the map. The object of the game type is to be the first to reach a certain number of points.

Alcedon Facility is another sixteen man map. Using a game mode referred to as payload, each team will have a different objective. The objectives stand in direct contrast to your opponents. The map will be asymmetrical and divided in to three sections. One team will be trying to move cargo through the map, the other team will be trying to stop them. The cargo will continue to move as long as a player of that team is standing next to it. If everyone is dead the cargo begins to roll backwards, the game mode is played on a timer


The final map revealed today is a 24 man capture the flag style game mode. The bread and butter of online games, CTF is almost always a welcome addition to any PVP content. Esten Quarry will be a large and complex map. There will be several different paths and tunnels leading through to the enemy side. The Quarry will also use springboards to fling you quickly to the opponents side. With all reward though comes risk, players will have to carefully calculate how they wish to proceed through their goals.

Today most of the information released was in regards to instanced base game play modes. Skyforge will also prominently feature world based PVP. Although information regarding the details is sparse at this moment, we are told guild vs guild will be emphasized, as well as PVPvE style content.

Our eyes will be closely watching the development. If you are looking for a console style MMO experience with competitive PVP, Skyforge might just be the game for you. No specific date has been announced, but closed beta is currently scheduled for Q4 of this year. We are excited to get a hands on look, expect further content sometime in the future.


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