TERA Pets & Why You Should Have One

TERA: Rising is a free to play action fantasy MMORPG that originally launched as a subscription-based MMO in 2012. With the introduction of a cash shop, players have been offered the opportunity to purchase various items for convenience and cosmetic appeal.

One of the recent additions to the cash shop is a batch of pets that will join players on their adventures throughout the various provinces that make up the world of TERA. Whether you are battling against colossal bosses, or exploring the world questing – players will quickly find that having a pet at their side will be more helpful than you would immediately assume.

The first pets to be introduced to the cash shop are Rambo the Ram, Prince the Frog, and a Carnivorous Plant – offering something cute, croaky, or creepy to match each players tastes. They are quite different to your general MMO pet that you might have come to expect from other games, both in looks and how they can be of use to you in your adventures.

As an avid MMO gamer, one of my biggest priorities when levelling is to minimize my downtime so I can maximize XP per hour. There are many things in MMOs that slow you down, from resting to looting after each kill – the time this takes all adds up in the end.

This is probably why I instantly felt that the pets in TERA were worth the purchase, not only for how they look but their direct link to decreasing my downtime with a nifty little feature – auto-looting. Pets will run around and pick up all loot that drops on the ground.

With a pet by your side, you never have to worry about picking up loot as your pet will do it for you. The pets even check loot abandoned on the ground by other players to see if it’s available for you to pick up – and given that the loot is no longer flagged as owned by another player it will be yours for the taking, without lifting a finger or a thought.

This nifty little feature makes the pets extremely appealing for any gamer who wants to make the most of their time without skipping loot or by chance missing out on an item that the player has overlooked. The pets are also extremely quick at doing their job, meaning players can just keep pummelling through mobs and reaping the rewards.

If you’re looking to forget about the process of looting and want a pack mule to do it for you, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend picking up one of the pets from the in-game cash shop. Offerings are currently limited, but with such awesome little pets we hope to see different types of pets available in the cash shop soon. For more info, visit the game page.

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