TERA Q&A Corsairs’ Stronghold 20v20 Battleground

TERA is a free to play fantasy action MMORPG that many gamers have have come to know for its intense combat and gorgeous visuals. The developers of TERA are preparing for a big summer with a new battleground, the biggest PvP instanced area yet, and new dungeons.

Today we want to take a look at the bright future ahead. We’ll talk about all the exciting content which is going to be implemented throughout the coming weeks and months of the summer period of 2013!

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The Brand New 20vs20 Battleground – Corsairs’ Stronghold

Let us begin with the new battleground: Corsairs’ Stronghold. With 40 players attending, this will be the biggest instanced PvP you have ever experienced in TERA! Complete with all new siege weapons. For the first time ever you’ll be able to man cannons, raid castles and sneak behind the enemy lines using tunnels or air ships!

To provide you with even more details, we asked Knut Brockmann, game designer, to supply us with all the important information.

Q & A with Knut Brockmann, Game Experience Designer about Corsairs’ Stronghold – the upcoming 20 vs 20 battleground

1) What is Corsairs’ Stronghold?

Knut: Corsair’s Stronghold is TERA’s new battleground that offers an exciting siege battle with some surprises and a high fun potential. Two teams of 20 players will attack and defend a stronghold alternately. The goal is to get in the stronghold and to destroy the opponents’ crystal, or to defend your own team’s for as long as possible according to your side. The first attacking team fixes a time which then must be undercut in the second round by the other team.

Please note that the attackers have a lot of ways to get into the fortress: with all the gates, on ladders in the classic siege style or even through the air by air ship. Both sides take big guns: tanks and guns serve as effective long-range weapons, for both attackers and defenders.

TERA Q&A - MMOGames.com - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs

2) What is so special about this content? What are the new features of this Battleground?

Knut: The big guns make the battleground really special, just like the air ships. This converts every fight into a real spectacle, I am sure that the cannons will be extremely fun to handle, especially for new PvP players. Managing to destroy an airship full of enemies as a defender, for instance, proves to be a really satisfying moment. But crawling with the tanks further forward is also exciting – you’ll get certainly blown away several times, but the tank can be repaired again with a bit of skill and good teamwork.

The feeling is particularly strong during the first phase while all the weapons offer a new and unique dimension for TERA with the siege weapons able to be fully used and the majestic stronghold displays breathtaking scenery! Of course the most classic PvP mechanics are also at work here, notably later on, in the heart of the fortress, when each team’s finest heroes are opposed.

3) Who can enter the new Battleground? What are the differences between new PvP players and fully experienced PvP warriors?

Knut: At the heart the battleground, groups with similar PvP experiences will come together through matchmaking.

If you’re not in the final stages yet, the system will ensure that all characters will be raised to level 60 and have equivalent equipment, thus we ensure that everyone has an equal chance and at the same time a fun experience.

So for the first time in TERA all players from level 30 and above can experience what PvP has to offer – and they can use all the fun to progress with their characters -while endgame players can enjoy a brand new battleground!

TERA Q&A - MMOGames.com - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs

4) What’s the main difference between Corsairs’ Stronghold and the existing 15 vs 15 battleground?

Knut: There are mainly two large differences. On one hand the former battlefield’s principle is to control as many points on the map as possible. This is a little bit different, which is why I’m sure the arrival of a new battlefield will not resign Fraywind Canyon to the scrapheap. On the other hand, we are for the first time giving the opportunity at an early stage (at level 30) to join the battlegrounds.

5) Can you explain how strategy and team work will help in new battleground?

Knut: I think we need to distinguish two things here. Specialized groups in the endgame can definitely go very deep into their strategic tricks. For the attackers it’s all about getting into the stronghold as quickly as possible. Therefore the teams will develop some feints: spread chaos with the air ship and break at the same time with full force through the gates or even sneak inside at the same time – thanks to the high number of players per team, a lot of variations are possible.

I think that they will develop a certain kind of dynamic, and that many strategies will be tried out in the beginning. However, I am confident that there won’t be just one right way eventually. There is a lot of freedom given to the composition of the teams. Thanks to the arsenals, healers will be able to create a lot of damage in the beginning.

On the other hand, there will be a lot to explore for groups without much experience. There are enough items on the map which will provide several unique eureka moments.

TERA Q&A - MMOGames.com - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs

6) You talked about Siege weapons? What is it about?

Knut: The siege weapons in the new battleground mostly cater for one thing: Fun! Around that, different kinds of strategies get developed and it just gets fun to chug around with a tank or to cross the big walls using an air ship while hoping not to be gunned down too early. And for me, to blow the enemy away to his spawn point with a big cannon isn’t only about scoring, it’s really about making a difference with style.

Basically there are three ways to get over the wall: with a ladder, by force through the gates or with an air ship through the air. For all three, it is important to put up resistance with heavy guns. Through the gate, breaking through is easier when attacking with tanks, a defender can only really shoot the air ship
with a cannon. But even when the enemy attacks on ladders, tanks and cannons will be an important tool for protecting either the wall or to generate as much chaos as possible, so that the attackers can slip through quickly. Whatever the chosen solution: I can guarantee it will pop and bang in all aspects.

7) How do you start & team up?

Knut: Thanks to the matchmaking, everyone can log in with a level 30 or above character for a game and will automatically be assigned to an appropriate group. You can also sign up with up to 4 friends and join a team that is then matched with corresponding counterparts.

To find out more about TERA and the upcoming content this summer, visit the game page.

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