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TERA: Ride of the Valkyries

TERA prides itself, rightly so, on gorgeous combat and visuals. The latest class to come to the fight against the Archdevan army is no exception. Starting today with the Honorbound update players will have access to the Valkyrie class.

The Valkyrie comes from an ancient Castanic martial order which has returned to the fight. Each Castanic lady comes equipped with a mighty Runeglaive to cleave the BAMs apart as she dances around the battlefield. We got to sit down and play through with the Valkyrie recently, slaughtering poor mobs and delving into the dungeon Vault of Kaprima.


The demo period was managed by Michael Santora (Product Manager), with him explaining the class abilities and talking us through everything. Shepherding the three whirling Valkyries through everything, we had one of TERA’s writers Scott James Magner on tanking duty and the Associate Product Manager Robin MacPherson healing. Hard to do with three melee lunatics diving into the dungeon bosses but hats off to both Robin and Scott for keeping us going and keeping the Valkyries up more often than not.

Mechanically Valkyries are straight forward: slash the bad guy to ribbons. Granted, you’ll be doing it in style. Things start getting a bit more fun with the runemarks generated from critical hits. Each crit you land, up to 7, puts a runemark on your target which can then be detonated in a Runeburst.

From here, as you level up, you have the choice of detonating these runemarks on your enemies or using them to drag mobs onto a target. This target can be yourself if you’ve absorbed your runemarks or the enemy you were carving up. If something dies before you can really get into the flow of it all, you get the runemarks back and can apply them to another target.

No Valkyrie, no chooser of the slain is complete without an end of days and the Valkyrie brings her own in the Ragnarok power. Building up the meter lets you unleash your character as well as resetting and decreasing certain skill cooldowns. This can be paired with the Titansbane ability which buffs your allies and damages foes. You can, of course, read up more about the skills here on the official site.

How It Plays

TERA is no stranger to action combat, far from it. The Valkyrie is another new class which brings showy abilities to the fore while backing them up with real strength. I’ve had the pleasure of trying the other classes as they were introduced; the Brawler, the Gunner and the Ninja. The Valkyrie is a worthy addition and flowed wonderfully through the attacks, though I would expect nothing less from En Masse.

In the hands of a skilled player, so anyone who isn’t me, I can see the Valkyrie being a wonderful tool to position the mobs on the battlefield and bring sudden burst damage as needed to put the BAMs down. There is a beauty in motion and the Valkyrie is always in motion. Spinning, chopping, exploding, whatever you turn your hand to as a Valkyrie it is nothing if not fun.

Naturally given a demo I was playing on a fully geared fully twinked level 65 Valkyrie and led into the fray by devs. That said, I can see the class being just as fun to level as it was to run around destroying things with impunity. There was the occasional bit of trouble in the Vault of Kaprima but nothing that our wonderful healer couldn’t quickly handle. You should still bring a good balance to the dungeons but three whirling lunatics let loose made short work of the bosses we encountered.

Players Start Your Engines

Naturally, everyone is likely to be playing a Valkyrie or at least checking it out. To that end, En Masse are giving out a free character slot for NA players between April 11th and 30th. Log into the server of your choosing and check your item claim to get your hands on it. As a further incentive, if you get your Valkyrie to level 2 before April 30th, you’ll receive a Valkyrie Rewards Box with some very useful items:

  • A 15-day dragon pet with an auto-loot ability
  • An everful nostrum to help you in combat
  • A level 15 Valkyrie reward box

They’ve also created an incentive for those of you with a clear schedule or just an awful lot of blood lust. They have got some titles only available for players who reach specific levels with their Valkyries in the first 24 hours after the update.

  • Battle Maiden (level 30)
  • Grim Amazon (level 58)
  • Dark Raven (level 60)
  • Fate Weaver (level 65)

So clear your Easter, or if you are out to get those exclusive titles clear the next few hours. The Valkyrie is riding out today and brings whirling death to anything foolish enough to stand in the way. I’d feel sorry for the poor mobs, but it’s their fault for picking a fight with a beautiful lethal blender.

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