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The Tyrian Chronicle: Statistically Speaking, This is Rather Rare

GW2Efficiency is hands down my favorite tool as a Guild Wars 2 player. It’s helpful with crafting, harvesting, and they have a free lottery, amongst the site’s many other functions. But there’s a new feature that has me excited: Unlock Statistics. With it, you can find out how common or rare achievements, skins, nodes, and a few other things are amongst the 142,000 accounts that use the site. Though it is only a portion of the whole player base, this tool can give us an idea of the trends that are seen throughout the game. This week I want to take a look at some of the interesting Guild Wars 2 statistics I’ve found in my exploration of this new feature.


The Most Common

Guild Wars 2 statistics

100% of players have the Hint Completion achievement unlocked. This is actually a retired achievement that players get automatically so this makes perfect sense. It’s the only achievement with a 100% rate. The most common skin is an Iron Dagger, 99.277% of players have this weapon, which leaves a little over 1,000 people that don’t. The most common mini is Mini Queen Jennah who has been unlocked by 87.8% of the population. From this, we now know that 87% of the players on GW2Efficiency have made it to their first birthday and collected their gift.


The Least Common

The rarest achievement, earned by only 3 people is Champion Brawler. To complete it you have to have won 10,000 rated arena games, that’s a whole lot of PvP. There is also one achievement that no one has unlocked, and I’d be really interested to hear from ArenaNet if anyone has done it, that’s The Crimson Assassin. You get it by unlocking all 16 of the red Super Adventure Box weapons. As a result of there being no one with this achievement, there’s also no one who has unlocked the related backpack that comes with the achievement. The least common skin that people do have is the Glorious Hero’s Wristplates. Only 6 people have this skin. There are three minis that are all tied with only 1 owner, they are Mini Lavish Silver Llama, Mini Air Djinn, and Mini Elegant Silver Llama.


Legendary Weapons Aren’t All That Uncommon

Guild Wars 2 Spring Update

Sharur, the gen 2 legendary hammer is the least popular of all the legendary weapons with only 258 people having unlocked the skin. That is incredibly rare at only 0.16% of the GW2Efficiency players, but not all of the legendary weapons are that rare. There are also a lot more weapons that are more common. The most common legendary weapon is Twilight, 16% of the population has this weapon. It honestly isn’t much of a surprise that one of the most common ones would be one of the greatswords. You see those things EVERYWHERE. It also won’t be much of a surprise that Sunrise is next. After that comes Incinerator, owned by 10% of GW2Efficiency users. So the real lesson to be learned here is that while legendary weapons are cool and flashy, they aren’t the best if you want a unique look that will turn heads.


Skins People Have Loved

If you’ve been around as long as I have, you may remember when Final Rest was THE weapon everyone was trying to get. There were threads on Reddit, devs were dropping hints on how to find it and quite simply, no one had seen it. These days, 24% of the population has it. Bonetti’s Rapier, another weapon that at one point was THE hot item is now owned by 51% of players. The Houndskin Mantle shoulders that rather suddenly were the new IT item are now owned by 36,812 people, that’s 22.8% of players. Remember when the Invisible footwear was the hot thing? Well, they are owned by 128, 115, and 79 players, the least common being the Heavy version. If I had known the odds were so bad, I never would have bothered. Which brings me to the current item everyone wants: the Sunscythe. It’s currently owned by 954 people, which is 0.5% of the players. This tells me the odds of it dropping aren’t all that great, but that isn’t going to stop me from trying to get it. The other skin that is currently on my lust list is Lightward’s Battlestaff, which 1.7% of the player base owns. I might actually have a chance there!


Stellar Weapons

One of the least popular sets that you can get in the game also happens to be the most recently released: the Stellar weapons. Part of the reason for the set being so unpopular is the fact that they’re new, but that isn’t all. To be able to craft these weapons, you first have to unlock the Brandstone Research Achievement, this takes 7 days to do. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to buy the recipes for the Astral weapons. You have to craft one of these to get the second set of achievements, Astral Purification. For that, you have to collect an additional 15 items to get the store tab to unlock the recipes for Stellar Weapons. Then, of course, to finish it all off you have to actually make it. So far the most popular has been the Stellar Spire, which only 378 people own. The one owned by the least number of people is Stellar Harbinger, with only 36. Over time, these numbers will increase but I don’t think they’ll ever be very popular.


What Else Can We Learn?

Based on the number of players who have unlocked the Heritage footwear, we can see that 24% of players have linked their Guild Wars account with their Guild Wars 2 account, while only 10% have unlocked Fire God’s Vambraces, which is the skin you get for completing the Hall of Monuments. This is actually a lot higher than I was expecting.

Nearly 67% of players completed Hearts and Minds, the last part of the Heart of Thorns story. Even more impressive is the 92% who have unlocked Rally to Maguuma, the very first achievement for Heart of Thorns. If all of the players bought the basic version of Heart of Thorns at full price, that achievement is worth nearly $6.5 million. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean this was all profit into ArenaNet’s pockets and we know that there have been sales, the price has gone down, and there are more expensive versions available.

If we also do this for Path of Fire, we look at Sparking the Flame, an achievement unlocked by about 93,000 players. This number is just 65% of GW2Efficiency users and accounts for almost $3 million in sales. Again, assuming everyone bought the cheapest version of the expansion and not while it was on sale.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be learned from browsing the statistics, these were just a few of the things that jumped out at me. I’d like to give a massive shoutout to GW2Efficiency for giving us this new tool and generally being awesome. Keep in mind that while these numbers give insight into users of the site, we have no idea how much of the game’s overall population use it. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to give Path of Fire a try. It’s a lot of fun and filled with the most gorgeous scenery in the game. If you want to see how you stack up against everyone else on GW2Efficiency, head over to the Unlock Statistics page.

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