The Tyrian Chronicle: Where I Am in Guild Wars 2?

This week we say goodbye to David who has written our Guild Wars 2 column since its start and say hello to the new columnist, Shannon. She has been playing Guild Wars 2 for two years now and can usually be found running around on a Sylvari Elementalist who tries to tank, with her face.

And now that I’m done referring to myself in the third person, hi! I’m Shannon, the Editor in Chief of MMOGames and the new columnist for Guild Wars 2. I decided to take over the column personally because writing has always been my passion and it isn’t often you get to write about a game you really love, even when you get to pick your own assignments. And love Guild Wars 2 I do. I have over a dozen characters who all play completely differently to each other. I’m a huge roleplayer. One of my characters is even walking the world. But this article isn’t about me.

Guild Wars 2

I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this week. I wanted it to be something positive. You know, start off on a high note. But there is so much negativity surrounding the game right now. It’s really hard to find anything positive to talk about. The September update put in a lot of features that fans really aren’t pleased with. Things that were meant to be part of a new player experience. By trying to make the game more accessible to new players they’ve alienated old ones. Though they are slowly making improvements on the system it did a lot of damage.

There is also Halloween which is coming and is also holding up progress on the living story. This of course can’t be helped and I actually am quite glad for the break It left on a fantastic cliffhanger which I did see coming but that didn’t take away from it at all. In fact the only thing that took away from it was how difficult the last boss was for my little Elementalist. What does Halloween have in store for us this year? No one knows yet. Last year’s update to the event was somewhat lacking, though the Dragon Bash just a few months earlier more than made up for it. It is a sad trend we’re seeing in MMOs right now. Big holidays, big events like Dragon Bash and even Christmas are becoming less popular. Personally, I live for those sorts of events. That’s why I have a running list of Halloween events as they’re announced. I know Lion’s Arch wasn’t exactly in the best place to hold a Dragon Bash this year but I really hope they bring it back again soon.

GW2 Princess Wand

Did you take part in the WvW tournament? I did and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed at how easy it was. Yes, the first one was too hard. I played my finger to the bone that time and didn’t make it. But this one? All you had to do is get lucky and be stealthy and you could finish the entire week in 10 minutes. I suppose I would liked a little extra work for the people who wanted to do it. As always, achievements are optional. Though I say I’m disappointed I’m actually quite glad it was so easy. For a couple of weeks I was just too busy to spend a decent amount of time in the game. So it was great for me to log in, do a few quick things and log out again. Unfortunately I seemed to miss the rewards one of the weeks, why can’t these things be mailed to us?! Though I do have enough for Mistforged Hero’s weapons. The scepter is my favorite but Cabhsadan, my one scepter user already has the Princess Wand which really can’t be beat. So for now my tournament tokens will sit in my bank.

On another front, I’m working towards The Juggernaut for my Guardian. I have most of the tier 6 materials for it. The things I really need to do are; dungeon, get the precursor, and silver doubloons. Oh those doubloons are the bane of my existence. Though if I sold my SAB skin for the 350 gold it’s on the market for that would be fantastic! I was silly and somewhat greedy. I discovered how much it was going for on the market so I put it really close to the highest. If I hadn’t done that then maybe I wouldn’t have had others appear for cheaper underneath me. Hopefully in the long run it will all pay off.

GW2 Asura

Are you still with me? I know this entire article has basically turned into one long blog post talking about where I am in the game currently. But, hopefully it has all been enlightening and you’ve discovered that we have something in common. I really enjoy most aspects of the game. Though I never got into PvP, that is the one area I will most likely never talk about unless it relates to me watching a tournament, which is something I would totally do. I roleplay, I craft, I play with the market, WvW, Champion stomping…you name it I’m there. I love doing dungeons but I don’t have much experience doing them which tends to get me booted out of a lot of groups.

Hopefully on Tuesday Arenanet will announce Halloween so there will actually be something to talk about for the Thursday column. As you can imagine jumping into this column right in the middle of dead time isn’t easy. But Halloween offers excitement, candy canes, and sexy lich outfits. Seriously, have you seen that thing? Wow! I hope you come back again next Thursday when we will (hopefully) be looking at Halloween. And if not I’ll do a Top 8 list of my favorite professions in Guild Wars 2!  Keep an eye out for Mordrem and stay safe, you never know when trouble will find you. See you in Tyria.

GW2 The Wait

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Shannon first discovered MMOs in 1999 when she picked up the newly launched Everquest. This started a lifelong love affair with online gaming that has taken her around the world and brought her to While she still pines for the streets of Paragon, the City of Heroes, today she spends most of her gaming time walking across Tyria in Guild Wars 2, roleplaying with anyone who says hello.