The WarZ Alpha Video Compilation

The WarZ is an upcoming zombie survival MMO that puts players in the shoes of a survivor, fighting for their very lives as they explore the state of Colorado. That’s exactly what I have been doing in The WarZ Alpha for the past few weeks; fighting zombies, and fending off hostile players – not always successfully.

That’s one of the harsh truths of The WarZ, you’re going to die and you will lose everything when you do. In a world where loot is scarce, people are quick to put their own needs above others and will resort to violence over co-operation in most cases. Resulting in frequent deaths, the fun in The WarZ comes from the moments in between, the cool little events that break up the frustrations of being a survivor.

Loot is found in towns, which means any adventure to find crucial things like food and water can mean life or death for any survivor. You really need to watch your back; players are sneaky and can pop out of anywhere to give you a quick death – sometimes before you even know what happened.

Sometimes things work out your way, you’ll get the drop on someone and they’ll pop like a piñata with everything you could ever need. Other times people die needlessly, tension and uncertainty driving players to take no risks – you may die, or kill someone who you will discover was never really a threat to you at all. In the world of zombie survival, it’s the moment by moment decisions that will stick.

There’s a bunch of different things to see and do in The WarZ, and it grows as development continues. Naturally we want to show you as much of the game as possible, everything from the exciting stuff to the boring stuff. It’s easy to throw together videos that make the game look epic, but here you’ll find all uninterrupted gameplay, moments captured in the game that actually happened – not scripted hype.

This article features several videos selected from the library of gameplay we have captured over the Alpha and beyond. Whether you are looking to check out some of the heated PvP, want to see what the towns and cities look like, or just want to check out some uninterrupted gameplay then don’t forget to check out the WarZ section of our YouTube channel, but for now – here’s a few more videos to watch:

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