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As you already know, Wizard101 is a free to play title, but once you finish the Wizard City content there just isn’t too much to do. Some people stay for the social interaction, but many players leave for games that offer a bit more bang for their buck, which is to say they have no bucks, but that’s another story altogether.

So if you’re a free player preparing to purchase a subscription or at least the 755 crowns required, what awaits you in the premium areas? Over the next few weeks we’re going to talk about Colossus Boulevard and the content it has to offer those brave enough to venture beyond the safety of the starter area. Believe me, if you thought the basic Wizard City areas were difficult, you haven’t seen anything yet.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article could contain some story spoilers ahead. If you’d rather discover this area yourself, read no further. If you’re otherwise curious about what lays ahead, then read on!)


Getting to Colossus Blvd

You’ve crossed by Colossus a few different times already but you probably haven’t been able to get to it. The tunnel, unlike nearly every other tunnel in Wizard City is barred and guarded by Private O’Doyle, a rather vigilant fellow who refuses to grant you passage without a pass from the headmaster.

Once you complete the required quest chain the main story will eventually send you to Private O’Doyle who will give you some valuable information, necessary to initiate the next chain of quests. This is a seamless transition from the free area to the paid area, and it starts with O’Doyle’s niece, Mindy Pixiecrown who studies Ice Magic at Ravenwood (we talked about Ravenwood last week, remember?). O’Doyle claims that he is worried about her and sends you to investigate, perhaps fearing the worst. From here, you enter Colossus Boulevard and find yourself in a place like no other you’ve visited in Wizard City.

Fighting Through Colossus Boulevard

If it’s your first venture into Colossus then you need to know that this area sets the groundwork for the rest of the game as far as the difficulty is concerned. It all starts with a beautiful view of an ice covered street that quickly turns into a nightmare as you realize that the rules of the starter areas no longer apply.

You see, in the starter areas (meaning the areas that you get for free), you will only find yourself facing one enemy at a time if you rush in alone. In Colossus Blvd, you will find yourself facing up to two enemies at a time, and while that doesn’t necessarily sound terrifying, you have to understand that these enemies are far tougher than the ones you’ve encountered before.

I entered Colossus Blvd at level 11 and was constantly losing up to 180 HP per hit, leaving me very little for the next fight, even if I did manage to win. On top of that, spells fizzle out much easier as you get to the higher level summons, especially if you wander outside of the spells that your class is inherently good at. At this point, unless you chose a class that does heavy damage, you might want to consider grouping up with someone for the sake of survival. As a Theurgist, it’s a bit of a nightmare for me.


Colossal Trouble

The name of the new questline is Colossal Trouble and as outlined by Private O’Doyle, your first job is to seek out Mindy Pixiecrown. She’s not in as much trouble as some of the other NPC’s in the game that you’ve been sent to rescue; in fact she’s just sitting in the safe area.

Once you speak to her she’ll tell you about the Gobblers that have taken over Colossus Boulevard, and she’ll send you on a quest to kill both the gobblers and evil snowmen. This isn’t incredibly hard to pull off as the two seem to travel in pairs, so if you run into one, you’ll run into the other almost every single time. The real issue comes with the increased difficulty – you already got a taste of that on the Golem Tower near the end of the free questlines.

This is the first premium area you will access and the first that allows more creatures than wizards in single combat. At this point in the game you’re going to be breaking out some pretty serious and pretty cool summons, but remember to buy a new deck at the Bazaar before you try Colossus – you’re going to need the extra cards. Also make sure you visit all of the schools in Ravenwood to ensure you have the most powerful spells available to you. It’s going to get tricky from here on out and you’re going to need more than just ‘Strike’ cards.


Wrapping Up the First Part of the Quest

After you fulfill Mindy’s quest requirement she’ll ask you to head to Ravenwood and speak with Lydia Greyrose in Ravenwood. The answer she gives you isn’t quite what you were expecting; she simply tells you that she didn’t think summoning the Gobblers would cause so much trouble. That is correct, after all of that trouble you find out that one of the Ravenwood instructors summoned the Gobblers, arguably one of the most dangerous creatures that you’ve faced to far in the Spiral.

Next week we’ll cover how this twisted mess of a questline ends, but for now, if you’re planning to venture onto Colossus Boulevard yourself, we would go so far as to say treat it like any other area in the Spiral, at least any other full combat area. Stick to the sidewalks and make sure you travel in groups if you want to survive. It’s a pretty area, but don’t let the looks fool you – it’s plenty dangerous, especially for wizards under level 20.

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