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Titanfall: 5 things I would like to see in future DLC

With DLC for Titanfall having been recently announced, with some new modes coming to the game for free, one cannot help but wonder what exactly the sequel will contain. Isn’t it a bit too early to be pondering and wondering about sequels you ask? Yes, probably, is my answer. However with developers Respawn Entertainment throwing down hints about there being a new Titanfall game (one which won’t be exclusive to the Xbox Brand), one can’t help but dream about what new features they’ll add. The following is my wish list for a Titanfall sequel:

1)      Way more weapons and customization opinions


Titanfall: View from inside a Titanfall

In the original Titanfall there is a jarringly small amount of weapons available to the players, especially when compared to other games on the market. Not only that but what weapons they do have lack a lot of customisation options, meaning you can only change one or two things about weapons. Adding many more items, as well as adding more customisation would be a good start, however I feel like the developers can go above and beyond what’s expected from them with regards to weapons. Titanfall takes place in a sci-fi future, one where they are able to build giant Titans for crying out loud, and yet none of the weaponry seems that futuristic (apart from the Smart Gun of course). Add some futuristic weaponry, maybe some lasers, something that really seems like it comes from another world. There is so much creative license that comes with creating a new world, it seems almost criminal to come up with incredibly uninspired weaponry.

2)      Add a better story mode, or even (shock!) single player

I can’t help but feel that the reason why Titanfall has no single player mode is because of the Xbox One’s (original) silly premise that you’d have to be connected to the internet 24/7. It’s important to remember that this rather stupid idea, and all of the awfulness that came with it such as no-trade ins, was changed merely a few months before the console came out. Titanfall was in development since May 2010, for a early 2014 release, that’s almost four years of development time. I imagine Respawn worked closely with Microsoft for at least one or two of those years, when the Xbox One was going to be online only, so that led to them not including a single player mode.

I have to say that whilst the idea of implementing the story through gameplay was a good one (especially considering the limits they had put on them regarding a lack of single player), it wasn’t pulled off as flawlessly as thought.

I’m sure many players would enjoy a well thought out story, provided to them in a manner which is understandable. The world of Titanfall is definitely interesting, and it’s one which I would like to explore more, so hopefully in the sequel Respawn can give us a deeper insight into what’s going on in their world.

3)      Add local multiplayer (or at least a split screen mode)


Titanfall: Running away from the evil Titan!

I can understand the amount of pressure that a studio can be under when making a game for a new system. During development I expect the Xbox One’s technical specs changed an awful lot, making it hard to pin down what works and what doesn’t. So implementing a split screen multiplayer might have been a very hard task then, considering they might have struggled to get the darned game to play properly in the first place.

Of course the sequel will have no such restraints, leading to an inclusion of a local multiplayer mode, one would hope. There would be nothing better than blasting away three of your buds whilst sitting a sofa and laughing in their faces.

If that’s too much then it would be nice to see some sort of split-screen multiplayer, preferably online multiplayer, much like the Call of Duty series. Granted, there is much more going on in Titanfall than Call of Duty, however Titanfall is made with the very flexible Source engine, so that should make things a bit easier.

4)      More modes


Titanfall: Titan Versus Titan

Whilst Respawn Entertainment is trying to fix the problem of a lack of modes in the original Titanfall with free DLC, I’d like to see some more interesting modes. The original Titanfall’s story dealt with two forces fighting for land, with the player taking over points of contention which then went about changing the war (this is all within the context of the story, not gameplay).

With this in mind, it’d be great to see a mode which had players fighting to take control of a large map, much like Planetside 2, with bonuses such as experience points being offered to players if they took over most of the map.

If not a mode like this, then maybe a mode which has players pushing to and fro on a large scale map, with players clashing together in the center of the map for a big showdown. I talked briefly about how I’d like to see a mode like this in my review, as there is a moment like this in one of the campaigns, and it is something which I would really like to see more of.

5)      More players


Titanfall: Pilot versus Titan

Twelve players per match seems like such a small amount. Granted there are minions, and giant Titans, which make matches seem larger than they actually are, however one can’t just help but wish that there were more players around. Granted if there were more players, then it’d mean that the maps would have to be slightly bigger than they currently are, however I feel like a few more players, maybe matches for twenty four players, would lead to more awesome experiences.

That about wraps it up for things I’d like to see in a Titanfall sequel. I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed by the original Titanfal. A lack of content, and similar gameplay to its competitors, really dragged the experience down. However Respawn have created a very good base with Titanfall, and hopefully they can expand on that.


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