Top 10 Pieces of TSW Merchandise Funcom Needs to Make

Funcom opened up its brand new official merchandise store recently, and it’s rather hard not to look at the store and feel a little disappointed by the available options. There are a few monster busts but mostly it seems to just be a bunch of old, recycled prints for basic T-shirts. Look around at the style, design, and quality of most gaming apparel and it has gotten so much better than this lately. It’s also due to The Secret World and its real world setting having some amazing and iconic designs to draw from. It wouldn’t be too hard to recreate many items for a real world market.

In regards to what’s in the world already and what could be possible, here is my list of top ten picks for merchandise we would actually want to see from The Secret World.

Innsmouth Academy Hoodie



This is absolutely a no brainer for Funcom. That is, however, if it’s better than their last try anyway. A quick and easy design on what amounts to a basic grey hoody. Yet it is such an important piece for The Secret World. Innsmouth academy is a large part of the early experience with some rather intriguing characters. Headmaster Hayden Montag, the occult teacher Annabel Usher, and of course the wonderful Carter. I adored the Carter character and her worries with controlling her power, and with the first major update expanding her story. It created an iconic character with a unique look. I’m thinking the bloodied version for sale.


Orochi Pajamas



The Orochi are a huge part of TSW’s lore. A large organization with tendrils reaching to every corner of the world in search of supernatural and occult elements and a way to control them. They are insidious, evil, and downright hilarious at times. The popular moniker for the Orochi organization has become the red-shirts of TSW, as they always seem to be dying in new, terrifying and amusing ways. This is usually due to their own meddling and their outfits, which is why I want a Orochi Field Uniform. Preferably one designed as comfy pajamas.


Council of Venice Beret



The white suits are great and all, but a white suite with a cyan trim isn’t that unique and probably not a great outfit. But I love that hat for some reason. The shape and color are visually mesmerizing and it has the council of Venice logo displayed to indicate and support my love for The Secret World.


Monster Hunter Jacket

There is no article of clothing more bad ass within TSW than the monster hunter Jacket. In terms of achievements, it does take a lot of time with needing to kill each of the rare spawns but this amazing jacket looks to be worth it. It has a great cut and design for the basic foundations of the character, and then you have that magnificent graphic on the back. It would, of course, be hard to replicate as a real world item, but then you could just make it a premium/limited stock item that people would have to book in and possibly pre-order to get.


Henry Hawthorne’s Cardigan



Solomon Islands was such a rich experience with many rather amazing and interesting characters that showed so much depth in their opinions and beliefs. It was such a strong early experience that it made me fall in love from the beginning. One such character I will always remember is Henry Hawthorne. More of a side character in a way, and his role within the underlying secret world is minimal, but it’s his motivations for uncovering the truth and the mysteries of the world that initially appealed to me because that’s how I felt. He was fervent in his beliefs of the supernatural and there being more to the world. Sensing greater things and longing to uncover the unknown.


Emma’s Teddy



Such an iconic little Teddy bear that pops up throughout the story at various points in Transylvania, which always seemed to me like a beacon of something both terrifying and alluring. It’s the original juxtaposition between this adorable teddy and having a grown, military man talking to it like a conscious being was rather unsettling. It’s a moment that sticks with you. Then there was the warmth and bond between Emma and her Teddy. I know it’s just a basic brown fluffy teddy but I want one endorsed by Funcom.

Faction Initiate Jackets


The merchandise store needs better faction based apparel there to sell, and no, a basic print of the factions symbol isn’t going to cut it. There are already some amazing faction outfits in game and while it might be hard to translate them into a shirt, hoodie or jacket I think the effort would be worth it just because of how sought after they may be. For me, one of the best Faction outfit designs has always been the initiate jackets. The design is less detailed than many of the others but that simplicity makes them feel more refined and modern, and it is a design that would translate quite well to a real world piece of apparel.


Little Smiler Figurine



Just about every one of those Orochi machines would make a great little figurine. They are sleek, beautiful and often “oh so cute.” They are all such wonderful designs and would make amazing figurines. The little smiler is of course one of the best. Plus a million if it can be one of those usb plug in devices that lets you charge your various devices.


Agartha Custodian



I love these large clockwork beasts so much. I have always had an interest in the steampunk aesthetic for a long time now and these metal giants are a perfect representation of that. They are imposing, with a great amount of detail to the gears, pipes and pulleys to create a marvelous machine. And then we have the mysterious nature of their construction, operation and purpose. A Figurine of these would be amazing, but even better would be a plushie. It would be ADORABLE!





The Secret World has some of the best in game maps I’ve seen in a game universe MMO. They are large and incredibly detailed in ways that reflect the area, landmarks and special points but the most interesting part is that each map has an aesthetic and design that mirrors the area it is in perfectly. Transylvania’s map is the ancient worn feeling canvas, Solomon Islands in the style of a child’s drawing to reflect the league of monster hunters, and even smaller areas like Agartha have aesthetically congruent designs. They are truly beautiful creations and worthy of being merchandise. Canvas maps would be amazing but just decent quality prints would be sought after as well.


Well, those are my top picks for The Secret World Merchandise I actually want to see made. In the comments below, let us know what TSW merchandise you want to see come to life!

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