MMOs over the years have been an important part of our culture and mythos as gamers. From the Days of quasi online text adventures to the dizzying heights of the modern blockbusters like Black Desert Online and APB: Reloaded. MMOs have carved their way into the DNA of the modem zeitgeist with their focus building communities among deep and fantastical wonderlands. Also Archeage which is kind of there.

So we here at MMOGames, following the Reader lead poll that we have been spamming a lot on our social media pages for the last few weeks (sorry about that guys!) and here are the results!

Hope your favorites made it! Except City of Heroes, which was disqualified because it annoyed our Editor!


world of warcraft legion

11. World of Warcraft

It is hard to write just how much World of Warcraft changed the games industry, not only because I’d need more than a 2000 words, but because the chances are you already know. In 2005 when the long time RTS champions Blizzard launched the new MMO follow up to their beloved Warcraft 3, expecting it to be a hit in the 3-400k category. Within a month, they had sold out. Within a year, they had passed 4 million players. The MMO had become Mainstream.

WoW has changed the face of MMOs, it’s still active player base and while it has gone down slightly, it is still a Titan of the world of MMOs.



10. Debating when World of Warcraft is going to die

warcraft 3 blizzard

Shortly after the launch of Warcraft, this second equally popular Multiplayer experience sprang up. Lets face it, 4-5 million subs is as close to death as it comes, when IS wow just going to bloody die like the casual fueled monster it is, the game has gone down hill since whatever expansion you happened to start in which is the best. Adding such things to the game as Pandas, Easier content and worst of all PANDAS the game is a burning tire fire that will be easily crushed by what ever the next MMO I like happens to be.

WoW is dead, it was killed by Rift/LOTR/FF14/Conan/Star Wars/Star Trek Online/FF14 again/Leauge of Legends

…Oh crap that one is probably true.



9. Eve Online

star trek online

When deciding the best MMOs, it’s always important to remember EVE. The reason for this is a simple one, is it because of just how long lasting the game is, being out for a decade and a half and still growing strong, or how it’s sandbox wonder gives endless experiment and journey long after more rigid MMOs have long since died, or maybe it’s how even now, news of massive 1000 strong space battles can still be found littering the gaming news sites to this day.

No, it’s none of these points, the main reason to include Eve on a list like this is simple, Eve players are f**king terrifying. Not including Eve on any best of list at all can lead to SERIOUS harm for any would be list writer. Roving gangs of space corporations have been known to take hostages, releasing them only when they correct their information about just how much a “$15000 ship” Really cost and to stop being so bloody hyperbolic. Executing journalists Gang style for even mentioning Dust 514.

There, Eve is on the list, now please, Can I have my wife back?!




8. Star Trek Online

Dara O’Briain

Eve but it has Star Wars in it, which makes it better.




7. Trying to work out what it is you do exactly in No Man’s Sky

If there’s one thing the MMO community loves(?), it’s No Man’s sky, the game that literally everyone has no idea what it is you do. It’s a space exploration game that’s also kind of a planet explorer and also an FPS, oh and some space combat, OH you name stuff.

…Ok I’ll watch the gameplay trailer again.

Ok that didn’t help. Look, No man’s Sky will come out and be great..hopefully. But for now we can all enjoy the expertly made ARG that is working trying our hardest to sodding decipher what it is.

I think it’s Frog Fractions 2.




6. Getting into a Pant Sh*ting rage about video games


Video Games are serious stuff. Anyone who tells you otherwise is basically Robotic Hitler who eats pineapple on their pizza with a knife and fork.

Once we looked at games as a way to relax and enjoy ourselves, but F**k that noise. It’s 2016 not 20Hippy…teen… what we want now is shouting blindly into the void about everything little thing no matter how small. Someone doing lower DPS than you? Threaten to do unspeakable things to their dogs, Joined the same MMO after me? Hey guys look at the Catababy, you casual scum bag. Wonder why a character has an oddly out of touch butt pose, Hope you enjoy your potatoes STALIN… BUTT STALIN… Butlin?

Getting angry at games and gamers is not only the first real MMO, with fine memories of bludgeoning your brother half to death mid Battletoads on the NES and for some reason stabbing people over pinball (no really, google it, people have been stabbed over pinball), but it is also at the time of speaking the most played MMO online, with it’s popular Deathmatch maps Twitter, the Escapist forums and every part of reddit not talking about bloody american politics (which at this point is just /r/Gaming and like 4 of the Gone wild subreddits).

An expert mode of this game was added in 2014, when after it was found that a Journalist was having an af [[EDITORS NOTE: NO, BAD DAN! I do NOT want to spend my friday disinfecting the comments section again.]]he blond haired turnip, bet he hasn’t even played Joust!

So get out there, and get angry!… Or don’t. Don’t get angry, it’s making gaming an uninhabitable wasteland. Clam down, stop shrieking and act like bloody adults. Except you 11 year olds, you keep being you.




5. Giving Chris Roberts Money


Star Citizen is the most funded crowdfunding project of all time, with over $100 Million US/$700 million Canadian/ or about £15.80 of it’s original $500000 asking price. With ideas of bold space exploration, combat and shipping needing years of development time as well as trying to make people forget Eve, Elite: Dangerous and we think No Man’s Sky? (see 7) Star Citizen has developed a new and more interesting game, shoveling money into it with reckless abandon!

With the amount of crowdfunding this game has amounted over these past years we must stop and wonder if the PCs currently running the game are infact cooled by shoveling money directly onto the GPU. Before so much as a screen shot had been posted players were queueing around the block to throw money at ships for a game that might exist, we hope.

But of course, here in 2016 with the first playable portions of the game not only coming out but also seemingly showing that the money was actually spent on the game itself and not what I had assumed it would be (10 solid gold Llamas and a hot air balloon full of money for Mr Roberts). But for a while, we lived in the glory of the MMO meta game that was staring agog (great word) at people throwing hundreds of dollars at a ship they might one day possibly get a chance to

You people should make more solid Kickstarter investments, like The Stomping Land and Yogventures, like I did… with my own money.

Hahaha…ha….oh god…




4. Tabula Rasa


Putting this here so /r/MMORPG will actually like me. I haven’t ever actually played this game but I assume it is about helping to sate the eldritch horror that has long lived inside Richard Garriott from devouring the world.




3. EverQuest Next

fantasy-mmo-games-everquest-next (2)

EverQuest Next is a complete re-imagining of the EverQuest Franchise. Old friends and enemies will appear — but they may not be who you remember. With 10,000 years of explorable history buried beneath its surface and a future you will shape, this is your Norrath. Everything in EverQuest Next can be destroyed. Crush the ground beneath an enemy’s feet — or bury him under an avalanche you created. The world is your weapon.

Sure it’s not out yet, but the return to the granddaddy of the 3D MMO complete with new and exciting Story Bricks system and customization masterwork coming in from Landmark, EQnext is bound to change the face of the MMO world in a way not seen since Warcraft.

I’m writing this a bit early in February and I’m already this excited! So i can’t wait to see how the game is by the time this list comes out!




2. I don’t know… Guild Wars?


Oh God, this is still going. Look I kind of wanted this to be a top 10 but I was asked to make it a top 11 because odd numbers “SSO better” or something, I don’t speak marketing. In all honesty you lot have probably gotten mad at me for being mean to Star Citizen and Eve and stopped reading this to send me death threats and worst of all, game play footage from Kane and Lynch 2.

So while no one is reading I will use this time to rant about Final Fantasy 15. Why is there a bloody Audi R8 in my Fantasy game? No one likes the Audi R8, not even Audi, it’s for people who can’t afford an Aston Martin and people who can’t spell Porsche. It’s a game franchise with the highwind, Chocobos, the Mist ships from 9! Why are they lowering themselves to bloody Audis! Stop making Final Fantasy look like a somehow even less interesting God of War with more belts

Oh, so, Editors only tend to skim read the last lines in these things, so I better talk about Guild Wars some more. Only I’ve never played Guild Wars, oh sod it neither did anyone else, I’ll Add the Amazon listing for SpiderMan Spider-verse here, She’ll never know.

Someone is working their way through the multiverse, leaving a trail of dead spiders in their wake! As the Superior Spider-Man faces this foe in the future, MC2’s Spider-Girl finds herself under attack! Spider-themed heroes everywhere, in every world, begin to falter and fall. How can our Spider-Man possibly hope to survive against this interdimensional onslaught




1. Always Online DRM


Always online DRM is a plague on the world of gaming, ruining a legion of games with the pointless checks and needless disconnects, gambling your gameplay experience on the stability of an demon cursed server who might as well be an unknowable and angry god for all the good it will do you and worst of all chuffing uPlay. It is a terrible scourge on gaming, except for MMO gamers, because now, they know.

They know the S**t we deal with.

Oh, what’s that Single play gamers? You hate it when a stupid online server knocks you out of your game? Or when you have to jump through so many hoops and checks to get into a game you just paid for? You hate that you were doing so well only to have the hand of the server god smite you for some untold crime against it’s whim?

Welcome to our Hell, it is a cold dark one, we live at the whim of the machine god, now you know th



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