Top 5 Action MMORPGs of 2014

Searching for a new MMORPG to play can be tough, competition in the online game space has become fierce and developers are releasing new MMOs left and right. Each game promises an experience unlike any other, but quite often it can be difficult to sort the junk from the gems. That’s where we come in, we have filtered this massive list of games down to a short list of just the games you should play. Today we take a look at the Top 5 Action MMORPGs of 2014.

#5 TERA: Rising

Calling itself the first true action MMORPG, TERA: Rising is a fantasy action MMORPG that originally launched as a subscription-based MMO before making the inevitable move to free-to-play. Built on the Unreal Engine 3, players can explore a vast open world including over 80 zones filled with thousands of quests. This alone separates it from the usual instanced tunnels action MMO players are used to.

Its combat system branches out from the traditional point-and-click style, incorporating a need to remain constantly aware of your position, the timing of your attacks, and the direction in which attacks are executed. Swing a weapon and it will inflict damage upon whichever targets it hits, not just a single mob. Cast a spell and you will have to ensure that your aim is true in order to hit your target, or face missing completely. It’s these small nuances that make all the difference in TERA’s combat system.

Featuring many of the traditional questing systems and dungeons, TERA also throws some new varieties in to the mix with epic monsters known as BAMs, large free roaming beasts that go a step above elite mobs to provide a challenge to players out exploring and questing in the game world. Everywhere a player looks, there is a challenge to be faced and an engaging combat experience lying in wait.

TERA: Rising

TERA: Rising

With 7 races and 9 different classes to choose from, some familiar and some unique to the game, players aren’t tied down to being a part of a system in which everyone is pigeon-holed in to a small select group of archetypes. Building the perfect group comes with many choices, and players will find the variety refreshing. And to add to that, the Reaper class has been announced early May. Check out the news post here.

Fighting isn’t the only thing to do in TERA however, another rather unique feature to this particular action MMORPG is its political system. Guilds can run for political control over each of the games zones, requiring them to gather votes from the general public in elections to win a seat of power. The controlling guild can then enforce various laws and taxes over that zone. Changes can include switching from an open PvP area to a safe zone, but these changes don’t come without their consequences. Overall, TERA is worthy of being on our list and worthy of your attention this year.

#4 Black Gold Online

Blending multiple genres together can be risky business, but Snail Game think they can pull it off with a new action MMORPG called Black Gold Online, that combines steampunk and fantasy together in to one large PvP brawl. Set on the continent of Montel, two factions are in a state of war as they struggle for control. On one side there is the steam-powered Kingdom of Isenhorst, on the other is the magic weilding Erlandir Union.

Both sides are fighting for control over the continent, because whoever controls Montel, controls the flow of Black Gold. Players will be faced with the choice of joining one of these sides and consequently pushing forward the gears of war as they fight in large-scale open warfare for control of this precious resource. Only then can the question of which is better can be answered, technology or magic?

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online has a heavy emphasis on PvP, giving players no where in which they can feel safe from the inevitable crushing blow of their enemy. Safe zones are a thing of the past, and players will find themselves riding on the backs of gigantic mechs or terrifying beasts as they march in to battle. Forging alliances, winning battles, and fuelling the machine of war will lead players to capturing player-owned strongholds and territories.

Filling the ranks of these armies are six different races to choose from including humans, vampires, dwarves, shape-shifters and more. But that pales in comparison to the twelve different classes available to players in their quest for dominance. Black Gold Online is currently in Closed Beta, but gamers with a PvP focused mindset should definitely keep an eye on this very promising title.

#3 Skyforge

Claiming to be a highly-stylized fantasy MMORPG with dynamic action combat. Skyforge takes its inspiration from console action RPGs and brings it to an online world. Starting out as a warrior who was born with the gift of immortality and sets them out on a path to become not only a champion of the people but a god. Skyforge is all about facing off against other gods and their invading armies.

With stunning graphics that rival many AAA titles, the game world is being brought to life in stunning detail that will leave players in awe as they take in the sights of the world around them. Featuring PvE content tailored for both the solo gamer and groups of warriors alike, players will face off against countless monsters and deities with an open-ended class system and limitless character development.



Skyforge is currently under development by a group of 300 people spread across two development studios, the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment who were responsible for games such as Fallout: New Vegas and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Utilizing the vast amounts of experience between the teams, the developers are hoping to step away from the genres norms and offer something slightly different. Doing away with systems such as traditional leveling models and gear systems that many players are already very familiar with, and quite often bored of. Everything seems to have a sense of convenience, making sure that players don’t have to play like it’s their full time job to remain competitive.

Similar to games like EVE Online, all players will co-exist on a single server – allowing for millions of players to fight, socialize, and journey towards becoming a god together. While the game is currently under heavy development, gamers can expect to hear a lot about Skyforge as it drives onward towards beta testing and eventual release. Even if for some reason becoming a god doesn’t sound overly appealing to you, we highly recommend keeping an eye on this action MMORPG this year.

#2 Warframe

Building upon the success of its initial beta release early last year, Warframe continues to prove that it can remain one of the highest quality free to play action MMOs available today. Warframe is a co-operative PvE action MMO in which gamers take to the galaxy to fight against the Grineer, an army of ruthless soldiers attempting to invade your solar system. How can you stop them? By utilizing advanced exo-armors called Warframes which give players unmatched fighting capabilities.

Utilizing both guns and swords, players face off against the Grineer in randomly generated instances throughout the galaxy across several different types of game modes from objective-based missions to wave-based survival modes. With 15 different types of exo-armors to choose from and a large supply of modifications and upgrades, players can fine tune their Warframe to become their kind of killing machine. Together, players can team up and form clans with their very own Dojo to call home, built room by room by the players in order to truly give players a place to call home among the stars.



With randomly generated levels, full Warframe customization, player made and owned Dojos, and a fully fleshed out crafting system, Warframe is filled to the brim with content to keep players busy. It can really scratch that itch when you just want to jump in to a mission and kick some ass with fast-paced action. As a bonus, it’s entirely free to play and available on Steam for ease of access. These are just some of the reasons that Warframe makes it to number 2 on our list, the rest – you will just have to find out for yourself by giving it a try.

#1 Blade & Soul

A lot of us have been waiting patiently for it, some of us have been playing on the Korean servers – but it’s getting so very close to a Western release, and we’re excited as hell. Blade & Soul thrusts players in to a world of fantasy and Asian martial arts set in a lush world based on the visual style of Hyung-Tae Kim. In a world where betrayal, revenge, and a war between gods are the backdrop to a story driven journey for each players character, Blade & Soul easily makes it to the top of our list.

After a thousand years of piece within the four continents of Blade & Soul’s game world, the Wind Empire has hatched a plan to overthrow the dwindling Stratus Empire through military might in order to unite the continents as one. Amidst all this fighting, an ancient threat known as the Darksiders have re-emerged under Jin Seoyeon’s banner – taking advantage of the conflict to consume the world without opposition. This is where players must make a choice, will you fight to settle the conflict between the warring factions and preserve the peace, join up with the rebels, or side with Jin himself to unleash chaos and the Darksiders themselves upon the four continents?

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

With four races and six classes to choose from, players will hone their martial arts skills to bring honor to their chosen clan and vanquish their enemies. Currently under development by Team Bloodlust, the studio behind the hit MMORPG Lineage II, Blade & Soul will offer exciting PvE and competitive PvP content. If there is only one game you watch this year as an avid action MMO fan – make it Blade & Soul.

While there are many exciting games currently available or on the horizon, this is merely our own outlook on the top games for gamers to keep their eyes fixated on. Are you a veteran of this genre? Feel free to share your own top 5 with the community in the comments below!

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