The Top 5 Free-To-Play MMORPGs of Today!

Dear ladies and gentlefriends. Here is a small list of games we garnered for all you folks desperately wanting to try out something new. There is no reason for you NOT to try any of these games, since they’re free anyway! Not to mention all of these games are still being updated for to this day. They are loads of fun, especially when playing with a friends. So don’t hesitate and check out our Top 5 Free-To-Play MMORPGs!

Top 5 Free-To-Play MMORPGs

#5 Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest. Where can we begin with this game? It features four unique and cute classes that are full with optional paths of customization. You can play as a melee ranged Cleric, be a blunt yet forceful warrior, a fierce and powerful sorceress, or the deadly and agile archer. Dragon Nest forces players to aim each strike when it comes to combat. Use your cursor to line up your magic skills, deal ranged damage with your bow, inflict life-threatening blows with your hammer, you name it! The mechanics behind this game are really intense! It lets you perform acrobatics, quick moves like dodges and allows you to perform a smooth stream of offensive maneuvers that you can link together like combos. This combat system makes the game surpass most other MMORPGs AND it’s completely free-to-play, making it an easy choice for anyone wanting to try something new. Its low graphics means you can play this on any machine built after 2001, yet it still provides a huge fun factor for any fast paced MMO lover. Dragon Nest takes their unique system and put it to the test in their amazing PvP arenas, featuring up to 16 players at the same time! Everything is balanced to the core, matching you up against other players with the same item / skill level that you are.

In Dragon Nest, you assume the role of the one and only savior of the world of Lagendia. As a player, you seek the one and only antidote for the poisoned Goddess Altea. In your epic journey, you face countless dangers of course, including landscapes overrun by enemies. The heroes of Lagendia must call upon their speed, cunning and overwhelming strength to overcome their obstacles. Are you up to the challenge? Take note that you will be kept on your toes playing Dragons Nest, this game should not be taken lightly. Why its number 5? Its low graphics is all I can say. I know graphics doesn’t make the game, but if only this game got a massive visual overhaul, it would be more enjoyable to look at. On the other hand, people who can’t afford a good computer, this game is definitely worth a try!

Dragon Nest

#4 Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you have ever played World of Warcraft, you will probably feel very comfortable playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game was first sold as a subscription pay-to-play model, but had to go free-to-play after a drop of players after its release. But hey, how can you not like Star Wars? Any sci-fi lover should have at least tried this free-to-play masterpiece! BioWare has done a terrific job with delivering its story to the players. Story elements and standardized quests are delivered via the same conversation method used in Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. To add to that, each of the eight classes in SWTOR have different starting locations, progression and style and offer a unique playstyle and story to the player. The game features two factions of course, the Republic (good guys use the force!) and the Empire (join the dark side, we have cookies!). The Republic has Jedi classes, as well as Troopers and Smugglers. The Empire contain Siths, Imperial agents and Bounty Hunters. So yeah, Star Wars fans rejoice! You can also fly your very own personal Starship. You can earn your own after you explored the galaxy and participate in epic space combat. Oh and in their latest trailer, they have teased the feature of player housing. Believe me, SWTOR is worth checking out if you’re into some sweet sci-fi roleplaying action! The reason why this game is added to our list, is because of its Star Wars related lore, it’s very unique story driven way of driving the player through the game, some cool gameplay playing as either a Sith or a Jedi. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to wield an awesome lightsabre?



Ah RIFT, what is there not to like about this game? Free-to-play? Check! Epic storyline? Check check! Bottomless pit of classes to choose from? Quadruple check! This game truly has it all. You can choose between the two warring factions of Defiants, the technology lovers, or Guardians, the god worshipers. A total of 6 races, split between the factions, meaning three each, might be a bit low for your average roleplayer. But what it lacks in races, the game more than makes up for it by a vast amount of different classes to choose from. Not only are there a lot of classes, the classes you pick are modifiable as well through the Souls feature. Ultimately, you can get to pick three souls as a player for you character, meaning you can make lots of different combinations of how you play RIFT. Say for instance, you can be a staff-wielding healing Cleric or you can be a tanking hammer-wielding Cleric. It’s all up to you in RIFT. Why the heck is it even called RIFT you might ask? Well let me tell you, bub. Rifts. These holes in the fabric of reality allow creatures from the planes of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, and Death to enter the world of Telara. They are by far the most innovative feature in Rift. Rifts open randomly or can be forced open by players looking for a fight and come in many shapes and sizes. The longer rifts stay open the more enemies pour out of them until a point is reached when the rift simply seals itself if it has been ignored. The reason why this game is on the list is because of its seemingly endless amount of different character classes, fantastic lore and background setting and overall content.


#2 Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Online

Neverwinter Online. The mere name of Neverwinter makes us want to visit the damn place so badly. How can you go wrong with a place that features an endless summer? Seriously though, Neverwinter is pretty much one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs out on the market right now. Why? Because of it being free-to-play of course you dummy! But besides that, for real this time, what really sold Neverwinter for us was its backdrop to the lore of Dungeons and Dragons. I mean, which tabletop gamer hasn’t played this game? Back in the day I used to set up a D&D with my brother or sister, and have a fun game of roleplaying for an entire day. Well there is the lore you can account for, but have I mentioned the combat? Cryptic Studios developed Neverwinter Online as a hack-and-slash MMO in order for players to be alert at all times while playing the game. Unlike in other MMOs that have a targeting system and static battle sequences, Neverwinter provides a more dynamic fighting mechanic. Players need to aim and time their attacks and spells properly in order for them to hit; power strikes need to be charged up and distance needs to be considered before flailing one’s broadsword around waves of enemies. Dodging enemy strikes and spells require players to actually move in order to dodge or block them. And last but not least, the Foundry. The Foundry is a feature in the game that allows you to create your very own dungeon filled with monsters and quests! These dungeons can be accessed and rated by other players, which is pretty neat. For all you creative people out there, this is the game for you! This game is number 2 because I feel the combat is on a different pace then from other MMOs. The leveling and lore are also an added bonus for this game, making it score high on our list.

Neverwinter Online

#1 TERA: Rising

Aah fabulous TERA. What is there not to like about TERA? You can choose from one of 7 races: the Amani, a race of draconian humanoids; the Elins, a race of cute-looking naturalists; the Castanics, a race of evil-looking demonoids; the Baraka, a race of intelligent giants; the High Elves, a race that needs no explanation; the Popori, a race of smaller Moogle-looking creatures; and the Humans, which all have a good amount of customization options. You can then choose from one of 8 classes: the Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer and Warrior. Each class contains flashy combo action combat, oh and not to mention TERA features a large open world to explore with your friends! What more could you ask for? The very well done part about TERA is its style and graphical design. It sports the whole cute anime Japanese flavored fantasy style which is pretty cool if you’re into that. As for the combat, you can imagine that having an aim based combo heavy combat may slightly differ from what you are used to in an MMORPG. You combo your skills after one another, to inflict max DPS (or tanking or healing for that matter). That combined with aiming your skills, makes up for one hell of a combat system. The monsters you have to face aren’t that easy to take down as well. Some creatures you have to take down for quests, won’t go down without a fight, and usually require you to be in a group or higher level than normal. TERA is without a doubt, a pretty difficult game to master, but once you get the hang of it, the payoff feels pretty damn rewarding. Graphics and gameplay-wise, is why this game has scored the highest on our list. All the other games can’t topple the fast paced action and content TERA has to offer.

TERA: Rising


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