Top 5 Ways To Stay Sane Waiting For The Old Republic

There comes a time in a gamers life where one must sit back and self-reflect on ones recent gaming accomplishments and failures. Through this process, I’ve come to the tragic and somewhat iron conclusion that I really don’t play enough MMOs. I have nothing against MMOs at all. In fact, if someone was to argue against the genre I’d be the first to pause my PS3 and silently slap them before unpausing again. It a shame and it something I intend on fixing. Like anything though, jumping straight back into it half-heartedly probably wouldn’t have the best results. Thus, I’ve decided to pick one good quality MMO (for now) and dedicate my time to it. The only problem I face now is the annoying fact that the game I had in mind is not quite out yet, at least not for me as I live in Australia. 

Wanting to keep motivation levels high and stick to my plan, I’ve decided to put together a list–a survival guide, if you like– to keep both you and I sane as we wait. 

Disclaimer: For those of you already with copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Why the hell are you reading this and not playing?! Come on! Step to it!

Revisit/Discover Knights of the Old Republic

Waiting For The Old Republic - - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs

“Two against one! No fair! Does not compute!”

The original Knights of the Old Republic games (KOTOR for short) were phenomenal for their time, have aged gracefully, and stand out to me as the best games in the Star Wars franchise. Right now you can pick up KOTOR 1 and 2 in stores for a great price, or on Steam for an even better price. These games, although not MMOs, are the spiritual successors of TOR and if you haven’t already experienced them, you’re missing out. 

Play a JRPG

Waiting For The Old Republic - - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs
Welcome to the next 300 hours of your life

Let be realistic for a second: looking at the rate at which games have been delayed (often indefinitely) from being released in countries like mine, it easy to get disheartened. To be brief, it could be a long time until some of us are able to play TOR, regardless of where we live, and we may have to sit on out backsides for a painfully long time. The best way to make sitting in the one spot for hours upon hours upon hours on end, I’ve found, is to play a JRPG. Any will do, although I would recomend something along the lines of the Disgaea series, which, depending on how thorough you want to be, will literally last you hundreds of hours. 

Go Outside and Be Active

Waiting For The Old Republic - - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs
This doesn’t really count by the way…

But… isn’t it dangerous outside? I hear you say. All extremely hilarious gamer-stereotype jokes aside, going outside and excercising, whatever your take on it, is extremely beneficial. Since the benefits of exercise have probably been forced down your throat in various different ways by the media, I’m just going to channel personal experience and give you a gamers opinion: it’ll help your game. Seriously, the break in routine for one thing will reinvigorate your passion for gaming and the array of chemicals your body pumps out will have you so euphoric, even Train Simulator 2012 will be enjoyable. 


Waiting For The Old Republic - - Your Source for MMOs & MMORPGs
Above: The dreaded gamer jungle of cords

Speaking from personal experience, cleaning can be quite a therapeutic task and gaming in a clean environment always has that distinct feeling. No doubt the cans of Mountain Dew or cups of coffee are going to pile up as you conquering the galaxy in TOR, so you might as well start with a clean slate. 

Rock Back and Forth in your Chair Until it Released

As justified as it is self-explanatory. Soon, my friend. Soon…

Alternatively, you could be legitimately productive and read the Old Republic Review Cody Hargreaves of MMO games has provided!
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