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Top Expansions of 2014

Here we are at the end of 2014, that was a wild ride wasn’t it? While everyone else was busy looking at politics and other major world events, we’ve been looking at what really matters: Games. In particular, we’ve been looking at a few of the more popular  MMORPG expansions and we’ve even compiled a list for you to lay your eyes on. No matter what you’re doing right now, this is a great time to hop back into those old MMORPG’s that you knew and loved. With all new material and level boosts in some cases, the time has come to rejoin your old favorites and visit new frontiers whether they’re underwater, in space, or on entirely new continents. Let’s take a quick look at the top MMORPG expansions of 2014:


Rift: Nightmare Tide


Just when you thought Telara couldn’t get any better, the Infinity Gate opens, and you find yourself on other side, traversing the plane of water through three new zones. The expansion, which almost hearkens back to the final season of The Guild is filled with new enemies, Nightmare Rifts, and plenty of sunken environments for you to explore. A much needed level increase allows you to reach level 65 and even allows you to increase your crafting like never before. With six new dungeons, a chronicle, sliver, and raid, even the greatest of ascended have had their hands full whether they’re fighting the Lord of Nightmares or the avatar of the sleeping god.


Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes


It may have taken Blizzard a long time to counter Everquest’s ‘Legends of Norrath’ card game, but it certainly didn’t take them long to come out with an expansion. Goblins vs. Gnomes is the first expansion or hearthstone adding 143 new cards, a new minion type, and a spectator mode for those who just like to watch. The theme is heavily mechanical, and is perhaps just a prelude of what is to come for the new and highly popular card game.


World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

WoW -- Draenor Banner

The long awaited fifth expansion for World of Warcraft takes us back to the roots of the game, quite literally. Travel back to a time before the Orcs first invaded Azeroth and fight beside some of the greatest heroes as you explore the forbidding land of Draenor. This expansion does far more than simply add a few dungeons and raids, it adds a new garrison system which will serve as your foothold on Draenor. You will be able to customize it with farms, armories, workshops, and more. You can even establish trade routes, and recruit followers to keep your base manned. You can even send your followers out on missions, all in the name of taming Draenor and making this realm your own – just as you did with Azeroth.


 Everquest: The Darkened Sea

Everquest -- The Darkened Sea Banner

A new enemy, a domed city, and a kidnapped emperor are just a small sample of what awaits players in Everquest’s 21st expansion. A level increase to 105 along with 8 new zones full of adventure are sure to keep the player busy for the foreseeable future. It’s one of the oldest worlds of adventure, and it is still kicking.


Everquest II: Altar of Malice

Everquest 2 -- Altar of Malice Banner

EQ2’s 11th expansion allows both adventurers and tradeskillers to advance to level 100 through 15 new heroic zones, 6 raid zones, and a number of others including two brand new overlands. Four new avatars of the Gods have been added, and more than 100 quests make this one of the largest expansions yet. Of course, as with any EQ/EQ2 expansion, making this purchase grants you access to all previous expansions, meaning you won’t have to spend your hard earned money catching up. All of Norrath is yours to explore with just one simple purchase!


 Destiny: The Dark Below DLC

Destiny Expansion 1 Banner

Though it isn’t strictly an expansion, Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC does add quite a bit to the game, earning it a spot on our list. Someone once joked about Destiny by saying: “I don’t know what I did, but I had fun doing it!” As funny as that might be, you’ll definitely know what you are doing this time around! A new character, Eris, has appeared bearing warning that the Hive plan to summon Crota, a god, to destroy the Earth. If that’s not straightforward, we don’t know what is. The new expansion brings new gear, new challenges, and the chance to expand your legend like never before.


TERA: Fate of Arun


Tera was already a massive game, but now that Northern Arun has reappeared, things are about to get even more massive. Northern Arun has been cut off from the world for several centuries, and serves as the homeland of the Barakas. The new expansion gives you the unprecedented opportunity to explore this new continent, meet new allies, and enjoy new lands, but with it, comes danger. New enemies including the Imperial Arcdevan Army await you, all leading up to the final confrontation with Lord Dakuryon. A brand new evil awaits you in four new dungeons, all the way up to level 65.



 Star Wars The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan

Star Wars TOR -- Shadow of Revan

A long time ago on PC’s and XBOX’s far far away, the story of the Old Republic started, and it continues today in the form of the highly acclaimed MMO ‘The Old Republic’. The latest expansion, ‘Shadow of Revan’ deals with the return of Revan, the former hero of the Jedi Civil War. He has returned with a plan that will destroy both the Republic and the Empire. No matter what side you fight for, and no matter what flag you fly, it’s time to face Revan and his followers across five new story levels, all the way up to level sixty. Explore new worlds, fight on new battlefields, and experience an all new story in the Star Wars universe.


Perfect World: Eclipse

Perfect World International -- Eclipse Banner

Last but not least, we have Perfect World: Eclipse. This is the sixth expansion with a lunar-theme, allowing a new playable race, two new classes, and a brand new starter region. For those raid hungry players, a new end-game dungeon has been introduced along with a revamped skill system, new dailies, and brand new gear.


Honorable Mentions:

Though this list is far from complete we feel it only right to give an honorable mention to Neverwinter for Curse of Icewind Dale which introduced the beloved Icewind Dale area to Neverwinter. It was only one of three large updates Neverwinter received this year. Another honorable mention goes to Star Trek Online for their second expansion, Delta Rising. It introduced some of the most beloved characters from Star Trek: Voyager including Harry Kim, The Doctor, Seven of Nine, and Neelix, all played by the actors who played them in the television series.


As we leave 2014 behind to start anew, there is no telling what sort of new games we will encounter and what expansions will be brought. As always we can look forward to new expansions from several AAA MMOs, but for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the new adventures that developers have brought us in 2014. There is no way to know what stories you will be able to tell 12 months from now.

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