Top of the Week: Top Mounts, Icarus Online, EVE University, and More

Listed: Top 10 Mounts


A look at the top 10 mounts in MMORPGs in the very first edition of our new weekly column all about lists, Listed.


Echo of Soul


Echo of Soul China Adds New Class - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Echo of Soul announced they’ll be heading into closed beta in May this week which has introduced an all new interest in the game, making it the top viewed game on MMOGames this week.


ZMR Lazerdrone Giveaway


The Game of Drones update just recently landed in ZMR and we’re giving you the opportunity to grab a Lazerdrone from level one that you would normally only get at level 20.


Steam Account Restrictions Announced


This week Steam announced they would be putting account restrictions in place for any account that doesn’t spend $5.


WoW Wednesday Mythical Rehashing


WoW columnist BroadcastDinosaur looks at mythic dungeons and speculates that the introduction of them may cause further fatigue in Warcraft players.


League of Legends Predicted to hold 66% of MOBA Market


EEDAR predicts that by 2016 League of Legends will have 66% of the MOBA market.


Global Strike


Global Strike Top

Browser based first person shooter has been one of the most viewed games this week, but with no recent news from the game you’re left to wonder why the sudden surge in popularity has happened.


Most Anticipated MMO of 2015


Though the voting for this has been over for many months the Most Anticipated MMO 2015 page has remained one of the most viewed pages all year.


TERA Announces New Class and Steam Date


TERA announces an all new class and gives a Steam release date.


Editor’s Choice April 2015


More than 5,000 people voted this month to crown a winner for the April 2015 Editor’s Choice. The winner walked away with only 25 votes between them and second place.


Webzen 6th Anniversary Giveaway


We’re celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Webzen with a massive giveaway for several of their titles including C9, Archlord II, Flyff, and more.


ZMR Drone Competition


We’re giving away over $120 worth of in game prizes in celebration of ZMR’s Game of Drones update. Contest ends soon.


Icarus Online



The stunningly beautiful Icarus Online continues to be one of our most viewed games as more seek out information about the Korean MMO.


The Final Frontier: Taking a Class with EVE University


We spoke with the CEO of EVE University to find out how they help make EVE Online a more friendly place for new players and older ones alike.

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