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The Tyrian Chronicle: Future GW2 Mounts and Skins

Now that we’ve had a few weeks with our mounts and the first mount skins have been released it’s time to start thinking about the future. I’ve made a list of a few different mount ideas that I’ve had as well as a few skins that I would love to see in the future. Let’s get to it.



I know, horses don’t exist in Tyria and they would stand out. You know what else stands out? Wings. But everybody and their brother has a pair of those. There’s a large, very vocal group that want horses. Maybe instead, you could have a new group of centaurs introduced who are incredibly friendly and once you’ve completed some sort of task for them, you’re granted the title of Friend of the Centaur. Then you can ride them. Though I would exclude Kryta since there’s a tiny bit of hostility between Humans and Centaur.

If we had a horse mount, their attack should be a cone knockdown as they rear up onto their hind legs.



GW2 Mounts and Skins

These guys are basically the horses of Tyria, except they’re bigger, heavier, and I’d be willing to bet they’re meaner. They may not be the fastest mounts out there but they can take quite a beating, so maybe it takes more for enemies to dismount you. There’s even potential here to make it a two person mount, just give them a saddle similar to what you’d see for two people on a camel and there you go.

If we got Dolyak mounts, their attack could be a running charge that knocks a single target back.



Who hasn’t dreamed of playing all of Guild Wars 2 from inside a golem? These guys are amazing! They can run around, they’re armored, and they can punch. Of course getting one big enough to fit a Charr will take some work, but I’m sure there’s a krewe already out there working on the problem. These are basically mechs but ones that fit into the GW2 universe. Their special movement ability is the grappling hook punch. It works just like the oakheart’s essence from Draconis Mons.

This same punch can be used to attack. It could either be used to pull an enemy closer or it can do the classic golem jab.



You’ve seen them casually strolling all over Tyria without a care in the world. You may better know the Treants as the Oakhearts, Mosshearts, Pinesouls, and Willowhearts of the world. They help Sylvari and Asura carry things and they’ve got a heck of a punch. Of course I’m not talking about riding a fully grown Treant, they’re far too big, but one of the smaller ones, like what you turn into for the garden heart in Caledon Forest, would be perfect.

Yeah, they don’t move fast, but you do have a variety of attack options available. Wrapping vines around enemies is a good one, visually speaking, but it could also be fun to be able to ride into battle and “Spread pollen” to heal people. These could be a mount that you’re meant to stay on during a fight. So have the vines and the heal.



Of all the things Charr have invented, the Chugger is right up there with Meatoberfest and the Submarine. It’s the little tank that could. It shoots, it’s armored, and it’s the closest thing we have to a car in Guild Wars 2. If you really wanted to start getting silly you could go GTA on them and have ramps to let them get air. Of course, then it’s only a matter of time until someone wants a Chugger glider…dear god what have I done? I want this. If driving a tank around is a little bit too much maybe they can modify it and make a motorcycle. Then you just have to work out what part the weapon is. Charr jousting anyone?

It’s a tank, so obviously the attack is the tank. A targeted AOE with a bit of range on it and a few seconds later you’re dismounted. That way you attack as you approach the fight and continue riding it a little bit longer to get yourself into the fight.

Also, yes, I am saying that Meatoberfest is the Charr’s greatest invention. Cheesy meat. Cheesy meat.


Anyway….it isn’t just new mounts we could get in the future! We already have our first skins for mounts. I had been hoping for an Awakened theme set but alas, it would seem that has to wait until next Halloween. Here are a couple of other ideas, some far more basic than others.



Oh you beautiful mystical creature. Pure white, wonderful little horns. How did one get to be so big? Perhaps Ploint has finally perfected his methods. It isn’t uncontrollable giant raptors anymore.


Ugly Sweaters

Tis the season…well almost. But Christmas is nearly here and who doesn’t love/hate an ugly sweater? All the poor mounts coming from the desert are going to be awfully cold when they’re shipped back to the old world. Ugly sweaters are just the thing to keep them warm. Who doesn’t want to see a Raptor wearing a sweater?


Glasses for Griffons

A little nod for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Stick some glasses on a griffon! For an added bonus, you can throw on a scarf with a few dye channels as well. Something that flaps in the wind.


Helmets for Springers

Your poor Springer has been bouncing its head off the side of cliffs for weeks now. Prevent any further brain damage with a helmet. Maybe you’ll get a matching helmet when you ride the mount. Safety first people.


Anyway, those are all the ideas I’ve had for future mounts and mount skins for the moment. ArenaNet, I give these to you for free. If you want any more ideas have your people call my people. We’ll work something out. And dear reader, I would love to hear your ideas. What mounts would you like to see added to the game? Are there any skins you’d like to have? Let’s see them in the comments. You never know when ArenaNet is watching.

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