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Week 3: NA LCS Overview

This week in the League of Legends NA LCS, we had a few ups and downs. We saw a few picks slip through the ban phase and do very well in the right hands. As the meta changes, we see it affect the world’s platform of League of Legends. The victor of each matchup is noted by the brackets.

NA LCS Day 1

Game 1:

[Team Impulse] vs Team Dignitas

Bans: Ryze, Gangplank, Elise, Graves, LoB TIP, LoB TIP

Seraph: Fiora
Procxin: Rek’Sai
Pirean: Lulu
Mash: Lucian
Gate: Alistar

BillyBoss: Poppy
Kirei: Rengar
Shiphtur: Corki
Apollo: Kalista
KiwiKid: Morgana

This week, TIP had two bans taken away from them due to a late substitution. This didn’t stop the team from winning the game. It was a slow start, as first blood didn’t come out until 12:50 on Gate, which was countered with Apollo and Kirei falling. A quick Baron by TIP at 24:30 resulted in three kills for DIG. DIG pushed too hard and got Aced shortly after, which let TIP push and destroy the Nexus at 26:58 in an exciting finish that makes up for the boring start.

Game 2:

Cloud9 vs [TSM]

Bans: Poppy, Gangplank, Lulu, Alistar, Elise, Graves

Balls: Tahm Kench
Rush: Nidalee
Jensen: Corki
Sneaky: Tristana
Hai: Braum

Hauntzer: Lissandra
Svenskeren: Rek’Sai
Bjergsen: Viktor
Doublelift: Lucian
Yellowstar: Janna

Someone let Tahm Kench through! Sadly it didn’t help C9 in this instance. It was a slow game with first blood not happening until 20:30 after two dragons were killed (one for both sides). An inhibitor does fall shortly after first blood. TSM keeps C9 busy as super minions take out their last inhibitor and a nexus turret. C9 went for a desperate Baron and get it, but they lost 3 members and TSM pushed for the win at 28:15.

Game 3:

[Team Liquid] vs NRG Esports

Bans: Fiora, Lulu, Gangplank, Corki, Nidalee, Graves

Lourlo: Poppy
Dardoch: Rek’Sai
Fenix: Lux
Piglet: Caitlyn
Matt: Bard

Impact: Trundle
Moon: Elise
GBM: Ahri
Altec: Kalista
Konkwon: Alistar

Fun comps for both sides. First time seeing Trundle top instead of as a support character this season in North America. A fast pace game with a lot of kills. Lourlo and Dardoch showed their skill as a team and repeatedly work together to get these kills. This sets up the game and a 2/0/1 Poppy by 12 minutes keeps them on top. TL get Baron and an extended Ace at 30:00 mark, and then win the game at 34:30 right after the Baron buff wears out killing most of NRG Esports.

League-of-Legends NA LCS

Game 4:

Counter Logic Gaming] vs Echo Fox

Bans: Tahm Kench, Gangplank, Poppy, Lissandra, Graves, Lulu

Darshan: Fiora
Xmithie: Rek’Sai
Huhi: Corki
Stixxay: Kalista
Aphromoo: Morgana

Solo: Trundle
Grigne: Elise
GoldenGlue: Viktor
Keith: Ezreal
Big: Alistar

Echo Fox just isn’t showing up. CLG picked into their usual split push team, but FOX didn’t pick up a lot of wave clear. CLG had a 9,000 gold lead, 4 turrets, and 4 kills up at the 21:00 mark. CLG get Baron around 24:20 and an inhibitor. After that, the split pushing gets to be too much and CLG end the game at 32:56 in a very methodical and text book win.

Game 5:

[Immortals] vs Renegades

Bans: Kalista, Fiora, Tahm Kench, Janna, Lulu, Quinn

Huni: Graves
Reignover: Poppy
Pobelter: Viktor
WildTurtle: Lucian
Adrian: Soraka

RF Legendary: Trundle
Crumbz: Nidalee
AlexIch: Corki
OHQ: Ezreal
Remi: Alistar

IMT has really shown that they can beat anyone. REN was no different. Adrian brought out Soraka after his Janna was banned. IMT was 3-0 at 10:00. IMT just systematically destroys REN’s team and strategy. Not much else to say other than at 28:10, IMT is 7,000 gold ahead. At 29:05 the Nexus drops with WildTurtle ending the game with an amazing score of 11/0/3.


NA LCS Day 2

Game 6:

[Team Liquid] vs Team Impulse

Ban: Gangplank, Caitlyn, Fiora, Bard, Nidalee, Lulu

Lourlo: Tahm Kench
Dardoch: Graves
Fenix: Lux
Piglet: Lucian
Matt: Morgana

Seraph: Ryze
Procxin: Elise
Pirean: Varus
Mash: Kalista
Gate: Alistar

TIP for some reason picked Varus as their last pick against Lux/Morgana. First blood was an amazing save by Dardoch showing how well he knows Graves. Procxin tries to catch Dradoch in his own jungle, but gets turned on and dies 1vs1. This sets up the rest of the match. TIP gets ahead by 7 kills and 3,000 gold, but TL turns it around at the 21 minute mark. At 25:35 TL kill Baron, and the Nexus drops at 30:15 after TL get 3 more kills inside TIP’s base.

Game 7:

[NRG Esports] vs Team Solo Mid

Bans: Lulu, Gangplank, Corki, Alistar, Lissandra, Tahm Kench

Impact: Poppy
Moon: Rek’Sai
GBM: Zilean
Altec: Lucian
Konkwon: Janna

Hauntzer: Graves
Svenskeren: Elise
Bjergsen: Viktor
Doublelift: Caitlyn
Yellowstar: Braum

A Zilean pick! NRG comes out swinging with an off-meta pick that proves fruitful. TSM is as surprised as the casters and you can see it in their gameplay. NRG is up 10-0 on kills, 6,000 gold and 3 turrets at 22 minutes. NRG get four more kills right before Baron at 29:35. At 31:40 NRG ends the game 10,000 gold ahead and 19-0 after taking the nexus.

nrg-acquires-team-coast NA LCS

Game 8:

Team Dignitas vs [Cloud 9]

Bans: Ryze, Lulu, Tahm Kench, Elise, Alistar, Bard

BillyBoss: Poppy
Kirei: Graves
Shiphtur: LeBlanc
Apollo: Kalista
KiwiKid: Thresh

Balls: Lissandra
Rush: Nidalee
Jensen: Gangplank
Sneaky: Corki
Hai: Morgana

Dignitas can’t get a break. They let Gangplank through and Jensen picks it up on the third round of picks. First blood goes to BillyBoss when he solo kills Balls at 7:08. It’s pretty uneventful until C9 gets Baron at 27:50 after catching Kirei. C9 pulls ahead on gold thanks to farming and objectives. Rush gets a triple kill and C9 ends the game at 30:25 after a very back and forth match.

Game 9:

Echo Fox vs [Immortals]

Bans: Corki, Tahm Kench, Poppy, Lulu, Lissandra, Graves

Solo: Fiora
Grigne: Lee Sin
GoldenGlue: Gangplank
Keith: Kalista
Big: Alistar

Huni: Quinn
Reignover: Elise
Pobelter: Syndra
WildTurtle: Lucian
Adrian: Janna

IMT is undefeated, and I didn’t expect Echo Fox to break that streak… even with a GP. All that Physical Damage was so easy to Defend against. GoldenGlue dies at level two at 3:00 to Pobelter and Reignover. Two people die in middle lane after a failed gank from Grigne. IMT is 12-0 at 19mins and gets both Nexus turrets at 19:25. They win before 20mins and went 13-1; poor Adrian dies right before the Nexus, ruining his Janna streak.

Game 10:

[Counter Logic Gaming] vs Renegades

Bans: Kalista, Lissandra, Tahm Kench, Poppy, Graves, Fiora

Darshan: Gangplank
Xmithie: Rek’Sai
Huhi: Leblanc
Stixxay: Caitlyn
Aphromoo: Morgana

RF Legendary: Kennen
Crumbz: Elise
AlexIch: Corki
Freeze: Lucian
Remi: Thresh

I love Kennen. Probably my favorite champion since season 1. Sadly he’s just not viable and CLG showed REN that. First blood drops before the first minute when CLG kills Crumbz on a jungle invade. REN keeps swapping lanes, even though Kennen does fine in a lane swap and keeps both lanes behind. First dragon drops late at 19:20 to CLG. REN stay in it for a good 29 minutes, but CLG picked up two kills and pushed hard. CLG grab Baron without REN contesting and their third dragon shortly after. This snowballs to CLG getting an Ace in REN’s base and winning exactly at the 41:00 mark.



1st: Immortals: 6W-0L
2nd: Counter Logic Gaming: 4W-2L
2nd: NRG Esports: 4W-2L
4th: Team Impulse: 3W-3L
4th: Cloud9: 3W-3L
4th: Team Liquid: 3W-3L
4th: Team Solo mid: 3W-3L
8th: Team Dignitas: 2W-4L
9th: Renegades: 1W-5L
9th: Echo Fox: 1W-5L

It seems that Immortals are going to run away with the competition. Going 6-0 with the best KDA seen in any NA split, it’s going to be a tough one to catch. If anyone can, it seems newcomer NRG Esports and long time veteran Counter Logic Gaming will be able to. Echo Fox is disappointing me, and probably all of their fans, with their showing. Of course they haven’t had Froggen… or even half of their starting line up, but I think some extra time playing together will help them in the upcoming week. Renegades for a matter of fact too. They need to step it up if they don’t want to be relegated back to the Challenger Series.

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