The Weekly Wizard – Enter the Telegraph Box

As I was rooting around looking for events to participate in this week I couldn’t help but notice this one. I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I can remember, and to see him pop up in Wizard 101 was kind of a thrill. Okay, first thing’s first, this isn’t actually The Doctor; I don’t know if they were simply being facetious or if they were avoiding copyright issues. Instead, you get to speak to a man called ‘The Professor’ who is dressed suspiciously like the fourth doctor, complete with the trademark eight-foot long scarf. The professor’s location varies depending on your level, and this is taken directly from the Wizard 101 page:

  • If you are 10th level or above: Talk to The Professor in the Wizard City Commons
  • If you are 30th level or above: Talk to The Professor in Marleybone’s Regent’s Square
  • If you are 40th level or above: Talk to The Professor in Mooshu’s Jade Palace
  • If you are 60th level or above: Talk to The Professor in Zafaria’s Baobab Crossroads
  • If you are 80th level or above: Talk to The Professor in Avalon’s Caliburn

So if you’re a free player, the quickest route is going to be the Wizard City Commons, and when he told me to meet him at his Telegraph Box I wasn’t quite sure what I’d find. Well guess what, I found the TARDIS–er, I mean, the telegraph box, and to my surprise it was actually a dungeon.

Before I go any further, let me just say for anybody who may not be aware that in the Doctor Who show, the TARDIS takes on the form of a police box and features a much larger interior which is contained in another dimension. Confused yet? Don’t worry, the whole thing is timey whimey wibbly wobbly and all that jazz.

Anyway, I took a leap of faith and teamed up with a few other players as we entered the telegraph box, and guess what? It was bigger on the inside!

A Blast From the Past

Not only was the box bigger on the inside, it was actually the familiar TARDIS interior from the TV show.

wizard-101-tardis the Telegraph Box

Okay, so one thing I have to nitpick here; the TARDIS interior changes on the television show for each doctor (later on), and this one featured the ninth doctor’s interior with the fourth doctor as the clear operator. Well, I guess we can’t have everything we want, can we?

In any case, I was absolutely delighted to enter the TARDIS (Telegraph Box) and speak to the Professor. Even better, his companion, Rose was also in the TARDIS as a vendor.

Off to Adventure

The Professor sends you and your friends off on a quest which involves fighting boss monsters inside the Telegraph Box, but I will warn you, this isn’t for the faint of heart. These bosses are definitely group encounters and when you start the quest, the game does warn you that it will take forty-five minutes or more to complete the entire dungeon. It’s not a quickie but hey, it’s about the length of a typical Doctor Who episode, and who can complain about that?


If you’re ready for some extreme adventures in time and the Spiral, log in and talk to the Professor.


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