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Why Pokemon Go Is Going Downhill Fast – PoGo Mistakes

Pogo Mistakes - Losing Players

While Pokemon Go had one of the most successful launches in gaming history, a number of PoGo mistakes have quickly made it go downhill. From lack of access to general ignorance of customer needs, Pokemon Go is quickly losing its status as the most used app in gaming communities, but what are the biggest causes? Keep reading to find out what we think.

1. The Lack of 3rd Party Support

Pogo Mistakes - Death Of Pokevision

Pokevision Confirming A Lack Of Communication From Niantic

When Pokemon go came out, the fans were all too happy to create new tracking tools for the community. Niantic and Nintendo quickly stepped in to shut these down, causing understandable anger among players, and making it harder to find Pokemon. This was disappointing because they were passing off the game as a community based activity, but effectively hampering community efforts.

Players are understandably angry, especially when the current Poke tracker and other elements of the game are unstable. With a patch scrambling the spawn locations as well, finding Pokemon is harder than ever. This is enough to make many players quit. After all, playing a game where you are actively prevented from sharing information can be frustrating.

There are still a large number of unlicensed apps out there, but they get shut down rather quickly. This is frustrating when you really just want to finish your Pokedex or make the most of your trip to the store. These Pogo mistakes should have an easy fix, but Niantic’s response is simply to cut out community support.

2. The Long Wait For Bug Fixes

Pogo Mistakes - Working On Bugs

Pokemon Go waited almost 3 weeks for its first bug fix. Many people argue that the problems weren’t even fixed, just thrown off to the side. In the world of mobile gaming, this is a really long time. Everyone expects games to be under development, but they also expect quick updates.

The first bug was the Pokemon tracker and the 3 steps issue. Niantic fixed this by completely removing the steps tracking, frustrating many players. They have put a new tracking set in with the waving grass, but understanding it is difficult. They are still testing a poke-stop centric tracker, but it is only available in a few cities. This has left many players feeling that the bug was never really fixed.

The next bug was with power-save mode. When you put your phone upside down, you would be unable to return to normal game play once you righted the phone. This bug was again fixed by removing the feature for a while. Now the feature works, but it took almost 2 weeks for the feature to get pulled in the first place.

Other bugs including Pokeball and Gym problems have still not been fixed. While these issues will eventually be resolved, they leave players angry and frustrated right now.

3. The Lack Of Any Real Customer Support

Pogo Mistakes - Customer Service

Customer support is almost non-existent, with the company saying they are busy working on the game. This makes it hard for players to report bugs. In addition, many players feel like they aren’t being listened to. This is one of the biggest PoGo mistakes, as players want to feel connected with the game.

While there have been some statements made at major gaming conventions, information is still largely non-existent, leaving players wondering what is next. Many have expressed a desire for more consistent updates and better customer service.

Many players have had problems with their purchases, and have yet to receive satisfactory answers as well. While many understand ignoring free players, paying players usually expect a bit more. With record breaking profits, Niantic could afford to hire some customer service members.

Finally, many Pokestops were located in graveyards and homes, angering loved ones and home owners. Niantic hasn’t really commented on this issue, but they have put up a form to remove Pokestops from objectionable areas.

4. The Lack Of Meaningful PvP

Pogo Mistakes - Learning About Stats

Pokemon Stats Are In Game But PVP Is Not Enabled

Everyone loves to battle their Pokemon, and this is usually one of the most sought after aspects of any Pokemon game. One of the biggest PoGo mistakes was not including any actual PvP. Taking over a gym is cool, but it’s not the same as battling your friends. It makes the game seem less real, and kind of pulls you away from the virtual reality aspect.

Many players want the ability to battle between players, even on the same team. Something that might actually strengthen the community, rather than splinter it. Imagine if Mystic and Valor could actually duke it out!

5. The Lack Of Specialty Content

Pogo Mistakes - Pokedex

Shinies, breeding, legendaries, and Missingno. All of these are beloved parts of the Pokemon genre, and all of them are missing from Pokemon Go. With only a few Pokemon being rare, it feels like the game isn’t really all that special. There are plans to introduce legendaries, but everything else seems like it will never be added.

Special events, prizes, and assignments would be appreciated as well. There is only so long you can wander your town before you become bored out of your mind, hoping that the game updates. This is really too bad as many people used the app to motivate them towards better fitness. This has also hurt the community, with many of the more serious players quitting rather quickly.

Even the content in the store gets tiring quickly. The ability to get items from leveling and Pokestops also makes the store content seem less special, making a small group of players less likely to buy the items as well. Adding in the ability to get coins from gym battles, Niantic may have actually kept themselves from earning a lot of money. As far as Pogo mistakes go, this one could be costly.

6. The Ability To Quickly Complete The Game

Pogo Mistakes - Achievements

After you get all the Pokemon in game into your Pokedex, there isn’t really much else to do. If you are a total completionist you can try and get all of them to max CP, taking you a few more days of play time. After this, the game isn’t really fun. While there will be patches eventually, right now the game lacks variety. Many players in big cities had already completed the game within the first 2 weeks, walking away after they got bored.

The achievements also stop rather quickly, with a gold ranking taking a few days to achieve. The only really challenging achievement is for walking, and even that can be done inside of a week or two. This is especially true for players who use Pokemon Go as a way to work out, taking it with them on long walks or runs.

Eggs can only hatch into a finite number of Pokemon, and incubators run out fast as well. once you get the achievement for walking, hatching eggs seems tedious and useless.

The biggest challenge in the game was getting everything to evolve Gyrados. Even then, players living near a body of water had him within a week. Nothing else took that much time, making the game seem short and not enticing people to continue playing.

When more content is added in, there should be a surge of users. Niantic would be smart to keep content coming at a fast pace to keep players interested.

7. Lack Of Access For Disabled and Rural Players

Pogo Mistakes - Patch Notes

When the game first came out, it billed itself as a game for everyone to play. Recent updates have made the game harder for anyone with a disability or who lives in a rural area to play. This might be the biggest of the PoGo mistakes as it has alienated a large number of players who really want to play.

Disabled Players

The latest update made it so that the Poke tracker updates less often, and the game pings areas less often. For disabled players who were having someone drive them around, this makes the game extremely difficult to play. Even going around 15 miles per hour through a university results in much fewer Pokemon appearing. This is also a problem for people in power chairs or riding public transit. This has cut out a number of players who would enjoy the game on their way home or while traveling the only way they could.

Rural Players

As for rural players, the Pokeball changes are most of the problem. Initially, low CP Pokemon could be caught with one throw. That level 10 Caterpie would stay in your Pokeball and you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting out. Now, that Caterpie may get out many times, making it impossible for rural players to keep up. While you can buy Pokeballs, that causes new problems. Getting into town once a week for Pokeballs makes the game extremely expensive if you want to keep playing in the interim.

Initially the game wasn’t too bad for either group, with spawns happening all over the world, and easy access for disabled players. The game is getting progressively worse for anyone who doesn’t live in a big city, alienating players rather quickly. Niantic would do well to look into boosting their reputation with these groups. Otherwise these Pogo mistakes might haunt them for years to come.

Closing Thoughts

Pokemon Go had a chance to completely dominate the world, but a series of poor decisions, or PoGo Mistakes, have made it slowly lose players. While many people will still play it, the hype has definitely died down. The addition of legendaries, expansions, and new content will likely bring many players back. However, it doesn’t seem to be a game where people will stay for long. Eventually Pokemon Go will fade into obscurity, with new games taking the place it holds. Until then… I will be looking for an endless number of Magicarps to evolve.

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