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World of Warcraft Beginner’s Guide: Servers

With a new expansion on the horizon and a film out in the wild, some may be looking at Blizzard’s titan with fresh eyes. But where to start? World of Warcraft is an 11+ year-old behemoth with years of backstory and mythos that can be impenetrable. When combined with the always complicated world of MMOs, this can lead to confusion for new players.

Well never fear. Here at MMOGames, we’ve drafted in Dan, our very own 11-year veteran and Hand of A’dal (he keeps mentioning that) to help you get started in World of Warcraft.

This guide is aimed at not only newcomers to WoW from other MMOs but also players to whom MMOs are a virgin gaming experience. Whatever your experience in gaming, we aim to bring you up to speed with the intricacies of World of Warcraft as fast as possible, letting you pick not only what class and race you want to play but also what some of the jargon MMOs are known for actually means.

This guide is aimed to help you get started with Server, Faction, and Race choice. We’ll help you learn a bit about the histories of all of the creatures of the Alliance and Horde, as well as their racial strengths, mounts, and backstories. But first, Servers.



Server Types

The very first thing you will do is pick a server. These days, servers aren’t the be all end all that they once were, as you can now do 90% of the game’s activities with players on other servers via and cross-realm. This limits server-play simply to Guilds, the auction house, and Mythic Raiding (as a newcomer this won’t affect you for a LONG time). That being said, there are 4 main types of Servers you will have to choose from, all with different gameplay styles to take into consideration.

PVE Servers

PVE servers are the most basic and newcomer friendly of all the servers. Players who pick these are able to play the game with little to no trouble from other players of the opposing faction, with the exception of specialized PVP zones (which are few and far between) and the opposing faction’s starting areas; at no time will you be forced to fight other players. On the other side of the coin, you are unable to freely start fights yourself. You can enable PVP and fight other players who have done so in turn but in 99% of scenarios, you are free to do as you wish out in the world. These are an excellent choice for new players.

PVP Servers

Then we have PVP servers, which apart from some safe zones like the starting areas and main cities are a violence free-for-all. Players who choose a PVP server will have to constantly watch their backs for other players of the opposing faction. This can be an exhilarating hunt-or-be-hunted scenario for players who enjoy the thrill of combat. As there is no restriction on the level players can fight each other, low-level players will have to contend with higher level players murdering them for giggles. This is excellent for more advanced players who love a challenge.

RP Servers

RP, or Roleplaying, servers are a wonderful oddity. These servers are designed to allow players to get together and tell their own stories in-game rather than just focusing on the game’s set story. These realms can be undesirable for some but players who love the character building and expression of Dungeons & Dragons, or simply like to tell the story they want, will find groups and communities willing to accept them. Players who have no interest in telling stories can join these realms but will have to play by the RP-ers rules, purposely trolling or disrupting roleplaying can and will get you punished by Blizzard themselves and can lead to you being suspended or even banned from your account. These are fantastically unique servers and can feature some of the friendliest players in the wider player-base. RP realms also follow the rules of the PVE servers, limiting world PVP to only those who activate it. If you want to tell a tale or see others come to life, these servers are an excellent choice.

RP-PVP Servers

RP-PVP is simply an RP server with the PVP server ruleset. For players who want to tell their own stories as well as drink the blood of their enemies. I wouldn’t suggest this for Trolls, though, they are into some STRONG stuff.


Make sure to check out the continuation of this World of Warcraft Beginner’s Guide with a look at the races of the Alliance and Horde factions!

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