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World of Warcraft Legion Artifact FAQ

With Legion, World of Warcraft will be departing from the norm in one very notable way, throughout Legion, rather than finding and upgrading a variety of weapons, players will be given a single powerful Artifact to combat the Legion. As well as the new Artifacts, Legendaries are receiving a new overhaul. But with all new things, questions are being asked, and we here at MMOGames want to answer some of the major questions. So, from our time on the Beta and what has been confirmed by Blizzard themselves, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Artifacts and Legendaries loaded into one big, handy Artifact FAQ.


What Are Artifacts?

With the Legion invading and the assault on the Broken Shore ending in catastrophe for both the Horde and Alliance, tensions between both sides are at an all time high, with both blaming the other for their losses. However, rather than stand by while Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas get into another shouting match, the class factions of Azeroth, who for the most part are largely neutral groups like the Argent Crusade and the Cenarion Circle, have decided to take matters into their own hands and set aside faction politics to fight the Legion directly. With this, they ask their most powerful and war forged member (that would be you) to lead their orders into combat.

But first, you will need weapons, powerful weapons.

Artifacts are weapons of legend from throughout Azeroth, and beyond, from the legendary Ashbringer to twin blades reforged from Frostmourne itself. These are long sought after items, as well as brand new lore-rich creations designed for this very expansion, but in a much more game mechanics description; Artifacts are the only weapons players will get and use throughout Legion.

How Do I Get My Artifact?

After relocating Dalaran at level 100, players are visited by a member of their faction and from there will start a short quest chain. Upon completing the opening tasks of your order, you will be given the option of 3 weapons(or 4 for Druids, and 2 for Demon Hunters), one for each of your talent specs. Upon choosing one of these options, you will be sent on a quest which ends in you finding your Artifact weapon and being sent back to your order hall. (There is more to it than this but no spoilers)

Once the first weapon has been obtained, you will be given the option to start in the 4 main questing areas, starting the Legion experience proper.



What are Artifact Traits?

All Artifacts start with a single powerful new spell, open from the start. By using your new weapon, you will have access to this single ability that changes the way you play your class. This skill is ONLY usable while your Artifact is in use, so switching to an old weapon (for… some reason. Why would you do that?) will cause this to be grayed out.

But while inside your order hall, which your opening quest will show you in more detail, you will be able to spend Artifact power; the new resource that works similar to experience, but more on this in a little while. Artifact power can be spent on a set of traits, as well as new abilities that empower already existing ones similar to many MMO talent trees (including old WoW) or even the skill system used in Skyrim or other Elder Scrolls games.

These traits come in two forms: regular traits and bonus traits, with bonus traits, usually a flat damage/healing/armor boost, only unlocking when all regular traits have been unlocked, but costing a scary amount of AP to fill.

Can I Reset My Artifact Talents?

Yes, by returning to your order hall you can reset the talents of your current Artifact, but at the cost of as much Artifact power as is needed for the next trait. You will get back the same number of trait points as you currently have unlocked and can spend these wherever you like on the Artifact selected. You cannot use these points on other Artifacts.

How Do I Get Artifacts For My Offspec?

At level 102 you will be given the option to complete the remaining quests for your offspec Artifacts. You will also be given the option to buy green quality weapons as needed for your offspec as you are unable to complete these quests without playing the role of your chosen offspec (healers will need to heal, tanks will need to tank, DPS will need to use their class skills in a way).



How Do I Upgrade My Artifact?

Through the aforementioned Artifact power. Throughout Legion, you will be rewarded with Artifact power, as well as one-time use items for completing the majority of the games’ activities, including raid and PVE bosses, winning arenas and battlegrounds, completing world quests and a selection of both normal leveling quests, Suramar, and your class hall quests.

You will then be able to spend these points on their Artifact traits, with each point spent increasing the next by a set amount. Although this starts off very low, it quickly gets incredibly high, the first trait you unlock will cost you 100 Artifact power, the second 300, but the 33rd will set you back a cool 1,245,840, meaning you will need 5 million+ total AP to fully upgrade an artifact to the point where you can unlock your bonus traits. To fully unlock all 20 bonus traits will take a mind-boggling sum of 60,040,200 Artifact power, in addition to the 5,216,130 already spent. This is PER Artifact. I remind you, to complete all of your class’s Artifacts will cost you hundreds of millions of AP, and will likely take until well into the second year of Legion to even get close to achieving.

The wonderful math nerds over at Ask Mr Robot have created an image showing the basic timeline of how long upgrading your Artifact (as well as progressing both at the same time) would take, proving you can quite easily power enough to use two specs at once.


One thing to note, Artifact power can only be gained on the currently equipped Artifact, so players wanting to level offspec weapons will need to change to them before using the consumable items.

What Are Relics?

Relics are items that drop throughout Legion that increase the item level (and therefore base damage and stats) of your Artifact, as well as a single Artifact trait. Gained from all forms of PVE, an Artifact Relic can placed into two (later 3) slots in the top of your Artifact, being consumed on use and destroyed if removed, and they come in 10 different types, these being Arcane, Blood, Fel, Fire, Frost, Holy, Iron, Life, Shadow and Storm. Every Artifact has a SET type of Relic that can be used and can never be changed.

Gaining the 3rd Artifact slot is accomplished by completing your order hall campaign.

Some Relics are BoE, obtained from random quest drops or from crafting (these cannot be upgraded like other armor), although the bulk will be found from questing, world quests, 5 mans (all types) and Raids (all types). BoE Relics can be found on the Auction House under Gems: Artifact Relic.

How Do I Change How My Artifact Looks?

Firstly, while currently Artifact appearances cannot be transmogrified onto other weapons, you CAN use traditional transmogging to change your Artifacts’ appearance to that of older weapons.

Secondly, the Artifact itself has a set of skins, both complete redesigns and recolors, available for players at their order hall. These can be unlocked by completing tasks such as completing your order hall campaign, PVPing, finishing difficult PVE achievements and bosses, as well as other more hidden ways that require you to hunt through the Broken Isles to find them. The Artifact forge in your order hall will give hints at these, but again; spoilers.

Can I Speed Up How Fast I Level My Artifact?

Yes, you can. Although, looking at the numbers to fully level your Artifacts might seem… terrifying, at first. You do have a way to increase the Artifact power gains through the Artifact knowledge system. For the cost of 500 Order hall resources, you can research your Artifacts, increasing the gains of all sources of Artifact power greatly after 5 days. Each time you finish this research, you will increase your knowledge level by 1, up to the current max of 25. The amount of power you gain, although starting small with level two increasing by 25%, at max level it will reward an outstanding increase, with level 10 offering 850%, level 20 offering 9000% and level 25 rewarding 24900% more power.

Two small asides on this: first, this knowledge is based solely on the character you have leveled, so your knowledge level will not transfer to alts. Second, items you have already obtained will not increase with new AK levels, so an item which rewards 200AP already in your bags at level 5 will not increase to 300 at level 6 (this is an example and not the actual amount) but the same item WILL reward 300 if obtained by a character after level 6 has been achieved. So players shouldn’t save already found sources of Artifact power for later AK levels.


Will I Be Punished For Being Late Starting My Artifact Knowledge Research?

No, rather than fall back into the problem with the Mists of Pandaria dailies where missing even a single day set players back considerably, there is a system in place to save you the heartbreak of having actual things to do that are not logging into World of Warcraft. Although Artifact research is set at 5 days per level, players who are late to the party or not keeping up with the expected curve will start to notice the amount of time needed to research lower significantly, down to a minimum of 2 days per level. This is in place to let players catch up with other players with slightly more time on their hands (that would be this writer) and not require players to log in every day or be punished.

What’s Happening With The Legendaries In Legion?

With the Artifacts becoming the new lore intensive long play focus within Legion, old fashioned legendaries have no place in this new-fangled world, so Blizzard, it would seem, have taken inspiration from another game. If anyone reading this has played Bungie’s space shooter MMO Destiny, you will instantly understand that the new legendary system is a copy of that game’s Exotic system.

Legendaries in WoW Legion will be powerful items that drop randomly from the world and other activities that offer class and spec level customization, with powerful effects for spec, in some cases completely changing your play style. Although some of these are quality of life items (higher run speed being one), most will empower an ability you have considerably. These are either based on an individual class, a spec of that class, or an armor type.

How Do I Get Legendaries?

These items randomly drop from all PVE bosses (Raid, Dungeon, World), PVP caches, Mythic+ weekly caches, and world quest caches. They drop randomly depending on either your current spec or what you have your loot spec set to and are bind on pickup, so cannot be sent to alts.

Although the random factor is annoying, a system is in place that increases the chance of one of them dropping depending on how unlucky you have been. These are awarded directly to your character and cannot be traded or rolled for like other items.

Where Can I Use Legendaries?

Although you can use them for their stats, none of the legendary items will function in any form of PVP, except for open world. All forms of PVE will let you use Legendaries unhindered.

How Many Can I Use At Once?

You can use one per character, which can be upgraded to 2 at the end of your class hall upgrade chain.

These Are Ugly As Sin, Please Tell Me I Can Transmog Them?

Yes, many of them are ugly or boring, old models. Yes, you can transmog them. Praise the light.

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