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World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR: The Biggest Lore Reveals So Far (SPOILERS)

As of last night, the PTR was updated with the new patch 7.3, which finally has players setting foot on the now a shattered and desolate Draenei home world of Argus. While commenting on the changes to PvE and PvP at this point will be largely fruitless regarding day one PTR. Instead, I want to look at something that likely won’t change: The story.


Update 7.3 looks to either be the climactic crescendo of Legion or at least the final stepping stone before Sargeras, or his mortal enemy the Void Lords, make his grand debut. World of Warcraft: Legion has been a massive forward motion in the level of lore explored by the game, with Mists of Pandaria (by design) and Warlords of Draenor (very much not so) feeling more like treading water when it comes to the big story arcs of the game. Legion has changed gear to bring us such advancements as the return of Illidan, a new king of Stormwind and warchief for the Horde, the Nightmare, the Artifacts, the Army of the Light, and the Death of both Kil’Jaeden and Ysera as well as many hints at the dark masters beyond even that of Sargeras.


And with the 7.3 PTR, the lore train it seems has no breaks. So the following is a list of some of the biggest new revelations the lore so far unearthed. All of this information and in-game models has been data-mined by the good folks at and WoWhead.


Last chance now: Spoiler Warning



Alleria and Turalyon Have Been Found

World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR



After Charging into the Dark Portal in Warcraft 2 and sealing it, saving Azeroth from the Legions Horde, Alleria, and Turalyon had been conspicuously MIA from the main lore until recently. Within the main campaign of legion, players discover that both Alliance champions are indeed still alive and have been battling the Legion itself on the burning home world of Argus with the Army of the Light, the Nauru’s last hope against both Legion and Void threats.

World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR

Alleria and Turalyon appear on Argus alongside the armies of the light setting players with quests and missions to counter the threat of the Legion and what lies within the dark heart of Argus. This meeting has been a long time coming for players with hints of the pair scattered throughout WoW and Alleria’s sisters constantly hunting for her. However, with time working differently in the Twisting Nether and the War of the Light and Fel lasting for well over a thousand years, what kinds of hell these two warriors have witnessed in the 20 years since we have seen them (much longer for them) might have changed them forever. Still, they are more than just a statue in Stormwind now, so that’s nice.



World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR



Young Velen and Argus Unbroken

One model data mined is one of a much younger Velen with his dark Brown hair and skin unblemished by age and battle. While this is speculation at this point, the notes mentioning players digging into the history of Argus, likely either via cut scenes or some kind of bronze dragon nonsense may be witness to the council of the 3 elders, when Kil’jaeden and Archimonde accepted Sargeras’ offer to join the legion and betray their people to the Fel. We will need to wait and see more of this, but in all likelihood we will be entering the past and seeing when the pain of the Draenei really began.


World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR



Varimathras Has Returned… Broken

Varimathras, the Dreadlord once aligned with the Forsaken and Sylvanas Windrunner herself, betrayed both the Legion and the Forsaken in an attempt to take over the Undercity. We haven’t seen so much of a whisper of him since Wrath of the Lich King when players killed him during the Battle for the Undercity quest, but because death for demons means returning home to the nether, he soon landed back in the hands of the people he betrayed. Well, they don’t seem to have taken it that well.

A broken and bloody Varimathras is a boss in the newest raid encounter Antorus, the Burning Throne and his body has been torn to shreds, tortured and bound in chains. The Legions takes failure badly and betrayal even worse, so his time spent on Argus must have been one of utmost pain and misery, and now he will be unleashed to take it out on us.

Players will find him in a cell designed to torture him for all eternity and not really caring if the pain caused is to their prisoner or any adventurers foolhardy enough to enter.


World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR



The Void Lords Are Coming

The new 5-man instance, Seat of the Triumvirate, is the place where the dark pact was made with Sargeras. It has become infested with not demons but something much darker: The Void Lords.


World of Warcraft 7.3 PTR


Players entering this new dungeon will have to face the might of the Void Ethereals, Void Beasts and worse of all the fallen Nauru L’ura. The Void Lords, introduced in the Warcraft Chronicle are the Primeval force of darkness and corruption. They are enemies of all creation, they are beings of immense power and might; the threat of them is what lead to Sargeras starting his Burning Crusade in the first place and wanting to kill all life to stop the void from having anything to corrupt.

Whether the Void found at the Seat of the Triumvirate are ones captured by the Legion or are a foothold on the Legion stronghold by the Void Lords themselves is yet to be seen, but their inclusion is hinting at a much bigger truth that the Void Lords are coming.



The Titans are Alive

One of the biggest questions Warcraft players had for the longest time was the location of the Titans, the guardians of the universe and Azeroth. Primordial beings of Arcane, life and holy power that dwarf nearly everything in pure size and power, they are the creators of the Wardens, the enemies of the old gods, and even a fraction of their powers turns mere mortals into gods of untold power and knowledge. And they have been missing. Until now.

With the Warcraft Chronicle, the fate of the Titans was at last revealed, and it was not a good fate. After being Betrayed by Sargeras, the Titans were killed in quick succession by the fallen Titan. However, before the final Blow could be administered, the Titan Aman’thul tore the souls from himself and his Titan brethren and sent them to the only known living Titan: the Titan seed Azeroth where they lingered for millennia. But now… somehow, they have been found by Sargeras and are being twisted to serve his dark purpose.



How exactly Sargeras managed to get the souls from Azeroth is either A) a questline or B) because the Blizzard story team forgot the Chronicle existed and wanted them to be in-game, but regardless of this the fact the Titans are here and apparently mostly alive. This is a huge step forward for the game’s lore and finally gives up some weapons that would risk to even harm Sargeras. As it stands, his power is of such unimaginable quantity that he’d kill us and everything we have brought against him with a heavy sigh and a harsh eye roll.

If this has any impact on the Titan, Azeroth, currently deep within the world’s crust is yet to be seen. This is likely something that won’t be deeply explored until either the next Old God or Void Lord expansion.



Aggramar Has Fallen

The first Titan to die at Sargeras’ hand was Aggramar, his former Lieutenant, and like his fallen brethren, he has made his return… twisted and controlled by the forces of the Legion.

The Penultimate boss in Antorus, Aggramar is now the Champion of Sargeras. The fallen avatar of the Titan uses his great blade Taeshalach to destroy and protect the forces of the Legion and stands in the way of our ultimate goals on Argus.

While likely not yet at full strength (like the other Titans) he is still a being of unimaginable power, and his corruption is a dark omen to Sargeras’ true might. He is also not the only Titan in the new raid. Eonar, the Lifebinder, is also a boss in Antorus, but unlike Aggramar, players need to protect her as she gathers power to assist them. The other is something new altogether.



Argus is a Titan Soul

The Final boss in Antorus is Argus itself, or to be more precise the Titan Argus. Named the Unmaker, Argus is the second new Titan introduced to the lore since the main Titan pantheon. This explains why Sargeras wanted the Eredar to side with him. He had discovered a new Titan Soul, one untouched by the Void and one that could be twisted into his own weapon, a replacement for Aggramar and a new weapon against the Void and mortal life.

Very little is known about Argus, the Dungeon Journal has no moves or abilities listed, only a his model. The end result is the same, the players will have to stop this new monster of the legion, either by corrupting or killing it.


Source: MMO-Champion and WoWhead

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