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WoW Wednesday: Seat of the Triumvirate

With this week’s maintenance came the last content of patch 7.3. Finishing off the Argus story line will open up the Netherlight Crucible, and the Seat of the Triumvirate. We already spoke about the Netherlight Crucible in a previous WoW Wednesday, so today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the bosses, their abilities, and maybe some tips to help you and your group clear the dungeon.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Zuraal the Ascended

Right when you first enter the Seat of the Triumvirate you will see the first boss Zuraal the Ascended in the middle of the room surrounded by a few trash packs. Clear the trash around the room, you will then see four Subjugators channeling a spell into Zuraal, you must kill these four mobs before you can start the encounter. Let’s go over a few of his abilities according to the in-game Adventure Guide.

  • Null Palm – A cresting wave of chaotic magic splashes over enemies in front of the caster, dealing 213,200 at each impact point. (To counter this my group just spread out around the room so only one person would get hit by it)
  • Decimate – Infuses the caster’s fist with void energy, inflicting 591,500 Shadow damage to their target and creating a pool of void energy that expands outwards from the impact point. (I started by tanking him next to the stairs from where you first enter. After Decimate was cast on me I would move clockwise to move out of the pool)
  • Coalesced Void – Coalesced Voids form within the center pool throughout the fight, and make their way towards the Void Brute. If they reach him, the Coalesced Void casts Dark Expulsion. (On mythic, these Coalesced Voids will leave void trails behind them, so it’s important to focus these down)
    • Dark Expulsion – Explodes in a shower of void energy, inflicting 422,500 Shadow to all enemies.
  • Umbra Shift – Infuses the target with void energy, inflicting 27,000 Shadow damage and knocking them backwards in to the void realm. After casting Umbra Shift Zuraal the Ascended will cast Maddened Frenzy and start fixating on random targets.
    • Fixate – Fixates on a target attacking them to the exclusion of other targets.
    • Maddened Frenzy – Maddened by the void, reducing Zuraal the Ascended’s movement speed by 60%. Additionally, melee attacks cause knockback.
  • The Void Realm – While in the Void Realm players will get an energy bar that needs to be filled. Void energy can be gathered by killing Dark Aberrations, after gathering 100 energy, Void Tear can be cast.
    • Void Tear – Tear a whole in the Void, bringing the caster back to the real world. Additionally, Void Tear stuns Zuraal the Ascended for 20 sec and increases damage taken by 200%.

After you down Zuraal, you will meet up with Alleria Windrunner who will use Void Magic to open a hole in the wall opening the second half of the instance. Before you can just run up to the next boss you will have to track down and close a few different rifts. To close a rift, you just have to kill the Rift Warden next to it, but make sure to interrupt the fear that it casts. Once you close a rift, another will spawn until finally Saprish appears.


Saprish comes with two pets and all three of these mobs share a health pool. Let’s take a look at what abilities Saprish has first.

  • Void Trap – Creates a void trap, which inflicts 405,000 Shadow damage and stuns the first target that enters its radius.
    • Occasionally Saprish will use Overload Trap which sets a series of placed traps to explode. Inflicting 540,000 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Umbral Flanking – Saprish marks multiple players. After a short time, he dashes between them, inflicting 450,000 Physical damage. Additionally, all players hit by Umbral Flanking give Saprish a stack of Hunter’s Rush.
    • Hunter’s Rush – Empowers the hunter, causing melee attacks to have a chance to cause Dark Slash.
      • Dark Slash – The caster’s weapon bursts with dark energy, inflicting 350,000 Shadow damage.

Darkfang is Saprish’s first pet. Darkfang only has one ability that he will cast.

  • Ravaging Darkness – Teleports to a player and executes a series of attacks for 6 sec. Each attack inflicts 270,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. Additionally, all players hit by Ravaging Darkness give Saprish a stack of Hunter’s Rush.

The last pet is Shadewing which has two abilities that it will cast.

  • Swoop – Swoops down on random target, inflicting 491,400 Physical damage to all enemies near the impact. After reaching their destination, Shadewing casts Dread Screech.
    • Dread Screech – Lets out a piercing screech, inflicting 491,400 Shadow damage and disorienting all enemies for 4 sec. (Please interrupt this cast)

I can’t give much of an opinion on Saprish. The group I went into the Seat of the Triumvirate was well geared, in saying that Saprish kind of just fell over for us without seeing much of any mechanics.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Viceroy Nezhar

After more trash, you will reach the third boss Viceroy Nezhar. You’re going to want to make sure that you clear all the trash around the area, you will need the room. At the start of the fight, a ring of void will spawn around the room, which slowly collapses inwards over the course of the fight. This Collapsing Void is your enrage timer. Now let’s take a look at his other abilities.

  • Dark Blast – Hurls a bolt of void energy at the target, inflicting 776,250 Shadow damage. (This is interruptible, but it’s hardly noticeable, so don’t waste your interrupt on it)
  • Umbral Tentacles – Summons 4 Umbral Lashers, which cast Void Lashing at random targets.
    • Unstable Entrance – The caster tears into reality from the void, inflicting 206,550 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them back.
    • Void Lashing – Fires a beam of void energy at the target, inflicting 420,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. Additionally, Void Lashing reduces healing taken by 5% for 15 sec. This effect stacks. (These tentacles need to be CC’d, interrupted, and burned down immediately)
  • Howling Dark – Fills all nearby enemies with dread, causing them to flee in fear for 4 sec. (This should also be high priority for interrupts)
  • Entropic Force – Void winds flow out of the caster, inflicting 125,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec and additionally pushing all enemies away. (Before the cast goes off, everyone should stack right on top of the boss in the middle of the room trying to avoid being pushed into the Collapsing Void)
  • Insanity – During the course of the fight, Viceroy Nezhar continuously gains Insanity. At 100 Insanity, Viceroy Nezhar summons 2 Shadowguard Voidtenders and starts to cast Eternal Twilight.
    • Shadowguard Voidtender – When summoned, the Shadowguard Voidtenders cast Dark Bulwark on Viceroy Nezhar.
    • Dark Bulwark – Enshrines the target in dark energy, making them immune to damage and interrupts.
    • Eternal Twilight – Releases a cataclysmic blast of void energy inflicting 24.5 million Shadow damage to all enemies. (Obviously a one-shot mechanic if you don’t kill the Shadowguards and interrupt the boss)

Viceroy Nezhar wasn’t much of a problem for my group, but I can see him being a massive problem on high Mythic+ keys.


After Viceroy Alleria once again appears and uses her void magic to open the doors to the final boss L’ura. For a final boss, L’ura wasn’t very challenging. Let’s take a look at her abilities using the in-game Adventure Guide one last time.

  • Call to the Void – L’ura calls out to the void, opening a series of void portals. Once opened, L’ura begins draining energy from the portals and starts channeling Naaru’s Lament.
  • Naaru’s Lament – Sings a wailing dirge, inflicting 60,000 Shadow damage to all enemies every 3 sec until cancelled. Additionally, L’ura’s casts Growing Darkness every 2 sec.
    • Growing Darkness – L’ura gains energy from void, increasing damage done by 1% every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Void Blast – Hurls a bolt of void energy at the target, inflicting 85,000 Shadow damage and an additional 50,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
  • Final Dirge – Once L’ura has been severed from all available portals, she enters the fight, becoming mobile and capable of attacking players directly. L’ura continues to channel Naaru’s Lament and cast Void Blast, and also gains the ability Umbral Cadence. On Mythic, L’ura also gains Grand Shift.
    • Umbral Cadence – L’ura releases pent up void energy in all directions, inflicting 95,000 Shadow damage to all enemies.
    • Grand Shift – L’ura calls out to all Remnants of Anguish, causing them jump to random enemies, inflicting 307,800 Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact point and knocking them back.

Next, we will take a look at the Greater Rift Warden.

  • Void Bound – Binds the caster to the portal that summoned, protecting the portal form being destroyed.
  • Fragment of Despair – Hurls a bolt of shadow energy at random locations, which inflict 800,000 Shadow damage to enemies at the target location. If no players are hit, Fragment of Despair inflicts 2.4 million Shadow damage to all players.
  • Sorrow Shock – Shocks the target with dark energy, inflicting 307,800 Shadow damage.

Next, the Waning Void.

  • Remnant of Anguish – Leaves a remnant of the Waning Void’s essence behind, which inflicts 307,800 Shadow damage every 1 sec to all nearby enemies.

Alleria Windrunner appears at the beginning of the fight, and casts Void Sever at any unprotected Void Portals.

  • Void Sever – Drains an unprotected Void Portal of its energy, serving its connection to L’ura and closing it permanently.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Final Thoughts

I loved the scenery of Seat of the Triumvirate. There is way more trash than I could have ever expected from a Legion dungeon. I personally don’t want to run this place on a high Mythic+ key, but I can’t wait to watch others do it during the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitationals coming up, and seeing what kind of route those players choose to run. Tell us what you thought about the Seat of the Triumvirate down below in the comments.

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