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WoW Wednesday: Spring Balloon Festival

“The skies are clear, the wind is calm… it’s a great day for hot air ballooning. Hop into a hot air balloon, enjoy the scenery, and make some new friends!” Starting tomorrow the Spring Balloon Festival Micro-Holiday begins! From May 10th to the end of the day on Saturday the 12th players will be able to see red X’s marked on your world map. These X’s indicate a place where you can speak to an NPC to hop on a Hot Air Balloon ride. For the ride to begin, 3 players have to all speak with the NPC at that location, though faction does not matter for this. I suggest using the LFG tool to search for groups doing this holiday for shorter wait times.

Going for a Hot Air Balloon ride will take you around a small part of the zone you’re in. During the ride, your NPC tour guide will be chatting with your group. Every tour guide has their own special dialog, some are funny, some are educational, some are a bit sad, and others are well, a bit more “explosive.” There are 8 total balloon rides. Four are on the Broken Isles, one in Uldum in Kalimdor, one in the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria, one in Crystalsong Forest in Northrend, and the last one is in Draenor’s Nagrand. For those that don’t want to travel around and go on these Hot Air Balloon rides, below will be the dialog of each NPC tour guide.


Broken Isles

My favorite balloon ride out of this whole Micro-Holiday is the one in Suramar. Your tour guide will ask your group questions about Suramar and the Nightborne.

Spring Balloon Festival


  • Greetings! Please step into the basket… and prepare for the most educational balloon ride of your life.
  • Today we will be taking a scenic balloon tour over the ancient city of Suramar.
  • But first, I will be taking attendance.
  • PlayerName? Is PlayerName here?
  • Please, just say “here”.
  • Very well. Do we have a PlayerName in attendance today?
  • I see. And, last on the list is PlayerName. That must be you, correct?
  • Quite the talkative bunch. On with the tour!
  • Suramar, as we all know, is home to the Nightborne elves.
  • Among other things, the Nightborne are known for being rather disagreeable.
  • PlayerName, can you tell me what mind-altering substance the Nightborne use to relax?
  • The substance they consume is, of course, mana.
  • Consuming so much mana has had an effect on the Nightborne’s bodies.
  • What specific feature of Nightborne anatomy has been “enhanced” by excessive mana use?
  • Very close! The answer I was looking for was “their skin”.
  • Final question, for PlayerName. What is the traditional greeting used in Suramar City?
  • Good guess! The correct answer is: “An illusion! What are you hiding?”
  • That’s all for today. Thank you for flying… and study up next time!


  • Hop aboard, junior ballooners! Anybody want a balloon sticker? Here ya go.
  • We run the swankiest balloon in all of Azeroth! Ask anybody, they’ll tell ya it’s true!
  • How’s about some free drinks? Here ya go!
  • Today, we’re flying over Azsuna, the jewel of the Broken Isles.
  • Anybody for caviar?” We got only the best!
  • That’s the Nar’thalas Academy down there. A school for mages back in ancient times, I hear.
  • Hot towel? Only the best for our customers!
  • Rungle, why don’t ya heat up the barbecue, then get the fireworks ready.
  • Sure thing, boss.
  • Ya might be wondering how I can run such a classy balloon outfit and still turn a profit. Well, lemme tell ya.
  • The trick is, ya don’t reveal the price to the customer ‘til they’re up in the balloon with ya!
  • That’ll be 28,542 gold each—gratuity NOT included. Unless, of course, you’d like Rungle here to break your legs.
  • Okay, boss. I put the fireworks on the barbecue, like you said.
  • You did What? Rungle, you bungled it again!!!!!!!!
  • *Explosion*


  • Welcome aboard! Today I will be your guide on a tour of Stormheim.
  • See all that stuff down there? That’s… uh… that’s Stormheim.
  • Sorry, I’m not a very experienced tour guide.
  • So… any of you know some balloon party games?
  • Ooh, ooh, I’ve got one! It’s called Kiss, Marry, Slay.
  • It’s easy. You just have to pick one person you would kiss, one you would marry, and one you would slay.
  • I’ll go first! Let’s see…
  • PlayerName, you’ve got a nice face, and it looks like you’re the only one here who brushes her teeth. I would kiss you.
  • Hmm… I would slay PlayerName. For obvious reasons.
  • And that leaves PlayerName to marry! I could live with that.
  • Okay, my turn’s over. Somebody else go next!
  • Alright, the balloon ride is over! That was FUN!


  • Welcome, friends, to the Nesingwary balloon tour o’ Highmountain!
  • Bought this balloon from a wee goblin. Claimed it’d make a good perch fer shootin’ moose!
  • Lately, though… eh, I dunno. Been feelin’ a bit down. Huntin’ don’t bring the same joy it once did.
  • Not even shootin’ critters from a hot air balloon can cheer me up.
  • Now I’m all melancholy.
  • Anybody know any good jokes? Here, I’ll start…
  • Why do dwarf hunters use guns?
  • Because ye can’t drink ale from the barrel of a bow!
  • It’s okay for me to tell that one because I’m a dwarf. And a hunter!
  • PlayerName, you got any?
  • How ‘bout you, PlayerName?
  • Or even you, PlayerName. Someone cheer me up!
  • Heh, that brightened me spriti. Thanks fer keepin’ an ol’ hunter company!


Uldum’s balloon ride is a pretty interesting one.

  • Please be turnink your attenzhion to me.
  • Ve run a tight balloon here!
  • Zhere vill be no talkink, no jumpink, no basket-jostlink.
  • Zhese are zhe Obey zhem, or be dealt vizh.
  • Ve vill all have a very nice balloon ride, and ve are goink to enjoy it. Is zhat clear?
  • Very goot. Now ve sit in silence for zhe next hour.
  • During this time players will receive an extra action button that will allow you to vote to kick your tour guide out of the balloon. If all players vote to kick him out you will throw him overboard.

Valley of the Four Winds

Your tour guide is one that doesn’t quite seem to like his job very much.

Spring Balloon Festival

  • MORE balloon riders? Fine, come on in… I guess.
  • This is the balloon ride to Halfhill. Please keep your hands and off-hands inside the basket at all times.
  • <Sigh>…
  • Below us, to the right, you will see Pang’s Stead. Be sure to keep an eye out for…
  • You know what? That’s it. I’ve HAD it!
  • I have a confession I’d like to make to the three of you.
  • I HATE balloons. Hated them all my life. All I ever wanted to do was be a shaman, but no! Apparently “ballooning is in our blood”.
  • Is this good enough for you, father? Huh? ARE YOU PROUD OF ME NOW, DAD?!?!
  • …Whew.
  • Feels good to get that off my chest. I’ve never told that to anyone before.
  • Now you know my secret. What about you?
  • PlayerName, give it a try. Tell us something you’ve never told another soul before. Go ahead.
  • How about you, PlayerName? Do you have any secrets burning a hole in your heart?
  • I haven’t forgotten about you, PlayerName. Tell us a secret. We won’t judge. This is a safe balloon.
  • That was the most cathartic balloon ride I’ve ever had. It was even sort of fun. Thanks, all of you!

Crystalsong Forest

Spring Balloon Festival

  • Welcome aboard. Please sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Below, you will see Crystalsong Forest.
  • I’m sad to say that despite all my travels, I never spent much time here. I couldn’t tell you why.
  • Ahh… but I do have fond memories of my time here in Northrend.
  • Just over that ridge lies Sholazar Basin. There I met tribes of wolvar and murloc Such strange creatures!
  • After all the journeys I’ve been on, I still remember that day the most clearly.
  • Please, pardon me for blathering on. No doubt the the tales of your own adventures are much more exciting!
  • What about you, PlayerName? To what exotic lands have you traveled?
  • And you, PlayerName?
  • Or you, PlayerName? What tales of exploration do you hold dear?
  • I’ll let the three of you talk amongst yourselves. I need to make sure I don’t crash this balloon into Dalaran.

Draenor Nagrand

This is my second favorite balloon ride. Starting off in Draenor’s Nagrand, but shortly after it takes a weird turn. Somehow the balloon ends up teleporting the whole group to Outland’s Nagrand.

  • Welcome aboard!
  • Boy, are you guys in luck! This ain’t gonna be your standard, sleepy, ultra-slow balloon ride.
  • Uh-oh…
  • I don’t think we’re in Nagrand anymore.
  • We’re in Nagrand? We’re in Nagrand!
  • I don’t believe it! We traveled back in time!
  • Or is it forward in time? I never know. Either way, this is horrifying! I wanna go back!
  • There’s no time like home, there’s no time like home, there’s no time like home…

Final thoughts

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of Micro-Holidays, but this one isn’t too bad. You can go back and visit some old places while getting a bit of story. A big downside is having to wait for two other players to queue up at the same time, but you can find groups in the LFG tool that can help speed things up. Because it is a Micro-Holiday there are no rewards for participating; this is purely for FUN. Quick tip, be careful leaving the balloon ride early because you don’t get a parachute or anything for jumping out early.

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