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WoW Wednesday: The Mythic+ Experience

The Endgame has begun! With the update today, Raiding, Mythic +, Warfronts and the 26th Season of Rated PvP have finally landed in Battle for Azeroth. As with our Zones of… series we’ll be introducing you to each section week by week of the newest end-game content for World of Warcraft; this week we’ll be covering Mythic+ Dungeon Content.

With Legion’s launch a few years ago, Mythic+ Dungeons became one of the most vital parts of endgame development in World of Warcraft. However, for most casual players, Mythic+ Dungeons can seem intimidating, impossible or unachievable. Several players I converse with in-game don’t even know what Mythic+ Dungeons entail or how vital they can be to player progression. With Battle for Azeroth, the system has returned with stark changes to how gear is rewarded, various keystone affixes and new seasonal deterrents.

A Keystone Font, used to begin Mythic+ dungeons.

Let’s start at the beginning, What are Mythic+ Dungeons? As most players will know from gearing up their fresh max-leveled character, dungeon difficulty progresses in a similar manner to raid difficulties; first starting with Normal Dungeons that players will get access to as they level up, later unlocking Heroic and then Mythic dungeons as their item level increases, both with their own lockouts to minimize farming. Many players after completing Mythic leveled dungeon content may receive a Mythic Keystone for another dungeon with a number attached to it.

These Keystones are your ticket to Mythic+ Dungeons, an extended challenge mode for 5-man dungeon content with ever more challenging and repeatable content. Every numbered Keystone increases the damage dealt by and health of trash mobs and bosses inside Mythic Dungeons, multiplying their stats with higher numbers. To finish a Mythic+ and receive your rewards you must kill every boss and a certain percentage of the mobs within a dungeon.

A typical countdown timer for Mythic+ dungeons, detailing requirements to complete it.

However, completing a dungeon is easier said than done. Aside from scaling difficulty, each Dungeon also has a time limit. Completing a dungeon within that time limit will see your Mythic Keystone upgraded by one, two, or three levels depending on your completion time. As you play through the dungeon, you are also afflicted by a debuff called Challenger’s Burden, removing five seconds from the timer each time a member of your party dies. However, even if you run over the timer for your Keystone, you will still receive loot in your chest at the end of the Dungeon, as well as a same-level Keystone for a different dungeon.

Scaling enemy difficulty and a timer aren’t your only impediments to completing a Mythic+ within the time limit. All Keystones also come with particular affixes, or modifiers that change trash mob or boss behavior during the dungeon. While Mythic 2 keystones will only have one, higher level keystones will gain more and more, stacking with the additional health and damage enemies receive. Each week these affixes will change to a set series, rotating throughout their listings as time goes on.

Mythic Dungeoneers take on a boss with the Tyrannical Affix!

Mythic 2 dungeons and higher will have one of two affixes, both of which bolster enemy health and damage. The first, Fortified, increases the health and damage of non-boss enemies, drastically slowing down progression through a dungeon. The second, Tyrannical, does the opposite and instead buffs the health and damage of bosses, making potentially treacherous encounters even more so. These rotate between each other every week.

At Mythic 4, Keystones will receive a secondary affix, chosen each week from the list of the following five. Teeming increases the number of non-boss enemies throughout the dungeon, also increasing the number of enemies required to kill before completing the dungeon. Bolstering causes non-boss enemies that die to let out a battle shout, increasing the health and damage of other enemies. Bursting forces enemies to explode on death, hitting players with a stacking debuff that saps health. Whenever a non-boss enemy dies under Sanguine, it will drop a pool of ichor that damages players and heals enemies. Raging stirs non-boss enemies into an Enrage at low health, doubling their damage until slain.

At Mythic 7 a third and terrifying affix is added to the keystone. Necrotic infuses enemy melee attacks with a stacking debuff, inflicting damage over time and reducing the healing players receive. Grievous inflicts deadly wounds on players, causing increasing damage over time to those not near maximum health. Gouts of flame will erupt beneath the feet of distant players during Volcanic affixes, and enemies will summon explosive orbs when affixed with Explosive. Under the effects of Quaking players will often emit shockwaves with damage allies and interrupt casting but the most treacherous of all is Skittish, causing mobs to reduce threat generated by tanks.

New to Battle for Azeroth are Seasonal Affixes. Generated at Mythic 10, there is only one additional affix per season, so far tied to the themings of the raid of each patch. In Mythic Season 1 our affix is Infested, a dangerous buff that makes certain dungeon creatures Symbiotes of G’huun. On death these enemies will birth two Spawn of G’huun which will then seek to infest the nearest enemy with another Symbiote of G’huun, starting the cycle again. Other nearby enemies will heal their maximum health by 10% every few seconds, making these infested packs potentially deadlier to your time than your party.

wow Mythic+ dungeon

Your weekly reward cache, found in the Mythic Dungeon Menu.

However, conquering Mythic+ dungeons means bigger rewards than your average fare. After completing a dungeon you’ll receive a chest containing a chance for Mythic+ quality loot, scaling with level of difficulty, some Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth, and a Hydrocore which is vital for end-game profession crafting. Unlike their regular or Mythic 0 equivalent, however, Mythic+’s will not reward Azerite gear in their end-of-dungeon-chest.

After completing a Mythic plus at the end of the week you’ll be eligible to loot a Challenger’s Chest. Your drops will be taken from the loot tables of EVERY dungeon in Battle for Azeroth, with a higher chance for Azerite and Weapons to drop.  This gear will be fifteen item levels higher than equipment you would have normally gotten from your end-of-dungeon-chest of your best Mythic+ dungeon from the last week. So far these rewards will only scale to Mythic +10, keeping them in line with rewards from Mythic Uldir and Gladiator Ranked PvP.


Keystone Level

End of Dungeon

Weekly Chest

Azerite Armor from Weekly Chest

Mythic 2 345 355 340
Mythic 3 345 355 340
Mythic 4 350 360 355
Mythic 5 355 360* 355
Mythic 6 355 365 355
Mythic 7 360 370 370
Mythic 8 365 370 370
Mythic 9 365 375 370
Mythic 10+ 370 380 385


Mythic+ content is some of the most underrated and challenging gameplay that World of Warcraft has to offer, and it generally goes underutilized by the playerbase. As the Mythic Race begins this week with the launch of Mythic Uldir, you’ll get the opportunity to see how cutting edge raiders have already managed to wisely and concisely gear well beyond the rewards of Heroic Uldir. Using the Mythic Keystone and Mythic+ system they have farmed their way to best in slot gear, mount drops and more in the few weeks that Battle for Azeroth has been released to the world. Stepping into the Arena you can find Rated PvPers have done the same, boosting their item level to ridiculous amounts to quickly try and claim Dread Gladiator status in Season 26.

For the average player like you and I, Mythic+ Dungeons are a great side activity to gradually up our item level. A few hours each week for a guaranteed piece of high level loot is great for someone looking to gradually improve the performance of their character, eventually paving the way to better and higher rewards in the Mythic+ system.

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