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WoW Wednesday: Thoughts on Patch 7.3

With Patch 7.3 fully released and after having spent many hours running around that horrible terrain, I wanted to give my thoughts on Patch 7.3. I’d first like to say that I think Blizzard is doing an amazing job with Legion so far. I’m going to split things up into Pros and Cons to make reading this a bit easier. Now remember, these are my own personal thoughts and opinions.

Pros of Patch 7.3

We’re going to start off with the Pros of Patch 7.3 first. It’s never fun to start with all the negative things. The first pro has to go to how quickly Blizzard is putting out their content. Right when you’re starting to get that feeling of “what do I do now”, they release new content for us.

Second, and I’m sure everyone will agree with me on this whether you’re into the lore or not, the story and cinematics of Patch 7.3 are absolutely amazing. I personally love the lore of World of Warcraft and to finally find out what’s happened to Turalyon and Alleria after all these years got me so excited. I didn’t want to stop questing just so I could keep seeing the story progress and man did Blizzard deliver with this storyline. Now, when it comes to the cinematics, I am speechless. I am that guy that will watch Blizzard’s WoW cinematics over and over because of how amazing they are. The main one that sticks out the most in Patch 7.3 has to be “Rejection of the Gift”, I have probably watched that cinematic over ten times now. I’m very excited to see where the story will take us in the future.

The next pro hands down goes to the lesser invasions. I truly enjoy the lesser invasions, going to different planets and stopping the Legion from taking them over. They do get a little repetitive, but with them being so quick it’s not so bad.

Thoughts on Patch 7.3

Cons of Patch 7.3

Now let’s talk about the issues I have with Patch 7.3. One major issue I had with Patch 7.3 has to be with Blizzard time gating the content. I didn’t enjoy jumping into this amazing story just to be stopped in the middle of it, having to wait a whole week for the next part to be released. The bad part about it was that it wasn’t just one week, it was three weeks until every piece of content for Argus was released. I understand that they wanted to try and stretch out the content so we didn’t blow through it all in one day, but everyone I have talked to is tired of time gated content, it’s just not fun. With that being said, now that all content has been released I catch myself asking the same old question “what do I do now?” With my main reaching Ilvl 930, I have no drive to go back to Argus.

That said, it leads us into the next Con: the horrible, horrible terrain of Argus. You can say “go farm the rares for transmog, or mounts” but with how horrible that terrain is, I can’t be bothered. I have always been against flying mounts when it comes to brand-new content, but I can’t tell you how many holes I have fallen in, or how many times I have gone after a rare spawn just to find out when I get there that the rare is in a cave and the entrance is no-where near me. In the Pros section, I mentioned how I enjoy the lesser invasions, but there are downsides to those invasions too. When you enter a lesser invasion portal you get put into a random invasion with other random players, but it doesn’t group you together. Because there is no way to kick other players for not participating in the invasion, many players like to sit and go afk until phase 3 where they can kill the boss, collect the loot, and move on to the next one.

The last major Con that comes to mind is the planet itself. I was so hyped that we were going into space to Argus. I expected some decent-sized zones since it’s, you know, a PLANET! But no, we get only three zones that feel quite small in my opinion. I expected more from these zones. You have Krokuun which isn’t bad terrain-wise, but nothing amazing either. Next is the Antoran Wastes, and I can’t stand this zone at all. It features one of the worst terrains which is beyond annoying trying to navigate through that I rarely visit it. And lastly, you have Mac’Aree, which I actually don’t mind. Still, for a whole planet I expected bigger, but it is a beautiful zone, my favorite of the three.

Thoughts on Patch 7.3

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of my Pros and Cons of Patch 7.3. I expected more from this patch, but like I said before, I truly enjoyed the story and cinematics that came with it so it’s not all bad. I mentioned in my Cons section that because of my current gear I rarely go back to Argus, and it’s true. Besides the transmog and mounts that can drop off the rare spawns, Argus offers me nothing. Blizzard mentioned we would get Patch 7.3.5 before the next raid, so I hope that will bring a bit more content to hold us over until Antorus is released.

This next part doesn’t fit in either the Pros or Cons sections, but I thought I would mention it anyway. I was watching a WoW stream a few days ago when someone in chat asked the streamer an interesting question that I honestly had never even thought of: “where is the Horde?” While on Argus, it feels like an Alliance campaign, it makes you question what Sylvanas and the other Horde faction leaders are up to that they aren’t on Argus with us. I can’t wait to see what comes next with the story, but for now, Patch 7.3 was a bit of a letdown for me.

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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