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WoW Wednesday: Hayven Games, Farming the Sentinax, and Timewalking

Before we start, we here at MMOGames would like to extend our love to the fans and family of Warcraft YouTuber Hayven Games, who sadly passed away this week far, far too soon.

The Description for the final video uploaded to his channel states the following:

Hayven passed away on the 18th of Mars 2017, 26 years old.
He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community.
Hayven had fought epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and severe form of cancer that usually affects teenagers and young adults.
You will always be missed Hayven, and although you lost to cancer, you have forever won our hearts.
All earnings from Hayven’s YouTube channel and Patreon will from now on be donated to cancer research.

As a lore nerd, I loved his dives into the quirks that make up Warcraft’s ever changing, and at points insane, lore. I have been a fan of Hayven Games for a long time. His videos and lore recaps are some of the main reasons I myself am such a big lore nerd and part of the reason I love this game as much as I do; his calm welcoming voice and genuine love for the source material saturated his videos and allowed the viewer to enter into Azeroth and feel at home. I didn’t know him personally, but if the reaction of the WoW Youtube community is anything to go by, he was a damn fine person.

He was taken too soon but we have his old videos to remember him by, and for a while, I’ll be donning Judgement for as close to a tribute as I think possible. Rest well friend. Please take the time to watch either some of the videos on his channel or the tribute fellow Warcraft YouTuber HeelvsBabyface posted on his.


Mark of the Sentinax

Editor’s Note: This has been hotfixed since the time of writing.

This week’s Broken Isle quest is a doozy. A long, boring doozy. This step of the Breaching the Tomb quest chain tasks players with collecting 100 Marks of the Sentinax from powerful creatures spawned from the Sentinax portals. These portals are spawned when players use their beacons (dropped from mobs below the ship) beneath the Sentinax ship on the Broken Isle.

The problem with the quest itself comes from how many actually drop… The non-elite mobs summoned via the green quality beacons give no marks whatsoever, the Elite Mobs summoned from the blue quality beacons drop 1-2 each, and the single boss lieutenant summoned from the epic quality beacons drop between 30 and 45 marks each but end the portal spawns for a while. Add to this the fact that A) the rare and epic beacon have awful drop rates and B) you can only have 5 people tagging a single mob at the same time (not including the Boss monster). Doing this quest solo can be something of a… well I can’t swear in these articles so you fill in the blank here. I can, however, give you some advice.


  1. Group up: Don’t join a raid as these won’t (or at least didn’t for me) drop for you while in one. A 5-person group with a single tank and 4 DPS is perfect. Even with the Elite monsters, my 840 Druid tank with the Resto talent managed to tank packs of 10+ mobs with no problems or outside healing needed.
  2. Look for what portals are summoned. When a monster that drops Marks spawns you will need to look for the emote “*X player* Empowers a portal” for the Elites and “*Player* Summons a powerful Lieutenant” for the bosses. Try and scout out these portals in advance and fly (yeah sorry, flying really helps here) to them as fast as possible before the 5 player cap starts.
  3. Unlike normal Sentinax farming, if you have one, summon the damn Lieutenant. Normal Sentinax shard farming groups tend to ignore the boss as their summon stops other portals from being activated for a short time, but since they drop 30-45 marks they are by far the fastest way to finish these quests so just burn them when you get them.
  4. Download a podcast or something: this one is long and boring.


7.2.5 Timewalking Raids, World Bosses, and Columnists Being Wrong

So, last time I did this column I spent a lot of time bemoaning how Timewalking raids, mainly Black Temple, wouldn’t work in the current Looking for Raid format and how Blizzard would be wrong to try doing so. Well, less than 24 hours after the article made its way to you sexy beasts Blizzard decided to make me look like a RIGHT plonker by announcing that these raids would be preformed raids only and no LFR would be made available.

I am quite happy to be wrong on this, trust me.

Black Temple will require a premade team to tackle, either from a guild, PUG, or using the LFG listing system. As this is not open for testing, I have no idea how close to the old raid or how hard it will be, but I also understand a 1 for 1 difficulty won’t be possible. The removal of Fire resistance gear means the Illidan flames will likely be doing physical damage now. I’d hope they’d also let raids pick who’d be affected by Shadow of Death on Teron. Wipes due to him targeting the worst player in your group were never fun.

Another addition to the raid is the Demon Hunter only transmog of Illidan’s famed Warglaives of Azzinoth: the Legendary swords dropped from the lvl 70 raid and the icon of rogues and warriors alike. To get these, players will need to kill Illidan in Time Walking Black Temple, as well as own the Glaives themselves. Blizzard has confirmed that players don’t need to have the Glaives on the Demon Hunter to get this and as long as you have the pair on ANY alt, you unlock them. I do kind of wish they’d add these to Rogues as well because I feel bad for all the old school players who have these from back when it was current content and not being able to transmog them when the new classes will be able to.

As for the future of Timewalking raids, there are a few I may very well get to in a later column, but I think we can all agree that adding Blackwing Lair to the list would be a horrible idea, as the thought of doing Razorgore in any kind of PUG scares me at an almost primal level.

One addition to Timewalking that I am genuinely surprised and happy to see is the old WoW classic World Bosses of the 4 Nightmare dragons, Kazzak 1.0, and Azuregos. These bosses will more than likely be easy as their dropping of 840 loot (below Heroics) would hint at, but they were never that hard to begin with (with the possible exception of Kazzak) and the difficulty of them came mostly from either getting to them first or more likely, if you lived on a PVP server, not getting killed by the opposing faction.

Blizzard, if you’re listening, a PvP Brawl with two teams trying their hardest to kill Azuregos would be a perfect chance to relive what classic WoW was actually like and honestly one I’d play in a heartbeat.

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