18 Minutes of No Man’s Sky

IGN sat down with Sean Murray yesterday to play 18 minutes of No Man’s Sky. After about ten minutes, IGN called it “the most open-world game of all time.”

18 minutes of No Man’s Sky

In case you missed it, IGN previewed 18 minutes of hands on game play footage of No Man’s Sky with creator Sean Murray yesterday.

No Man’s Sky might be the biggest open-world game of all time. By utilizing procedurally generated planets, animals, and AIs, No Man’s Sky can produce a nearly infinite universe to explore. No two game play sessions will ever be exactly the same; no two planets will be exactly alike.

The game also gives players the freedom to choose their game play experiences. Peaceful explorers can catalog and name animals and mine resources. Fighters can pirate resources, destroy bases, and eliminate wildlife. Traders can amass wealth, build ships, and start trade empires.

The hands on demo showed several never-before-seen game play details. Players ‘gain levels’ by customizing and upgrading their ships, armor, and guns. Upgrades are afforded with minerals and resources. Resources can be obtained by mining, purchasing, or stealing them. Players gain wanted levels every time they disrupt a planet’s ecosystem. Wanted levels increase as players compound offenses.

Death, likewise, holds heavy consequences. Every time a character dies, they lose all uncatalogued resources. In short, it’s best not to shoot the goats; it upsets the sentries.


Source: IGN

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