Over 1800 Minecraft Accounts Compromised

Today is a concerning day for Minecraft enthusiasts. The German publication Heise has reported that over 1,800 Minecraft accounts have been compromised by hackers, with players’ emails and passwords being leaked online. While 1,800 is a pretty small number, considering Minecraft has over 100 million registered users. There is still reason for concern, there is no guarantee that additional accounts were compromised.

At this time, no particular person or group is taking credit for the attack. There is also no mention of the security breach on Mojangs official website. It’s worth noting that accounts for other services may also be compromised, if the player uses the same password for more than one online game or service. Mojang has a great document available on how to create a secure password. We also suggest Minecraft players take a moment to change their password and make sure they are using unique passwords for any online services they have accounts for.

Having unique passwords is one of the most important measures you can take for keeping your information safe online.


AppRiver security analyst Jonathan French.

“at the moment, no one seems to be taking claim of it and there’s no information on how it was obtained. It could have been a hack, but it could have also been phishing. It’s hard to tell at this point. As with any login out there, people should be using unique passwords and cases like this just re-enforce that. If someone uses the same password everywhere, all it takes is one leak to possibly compromise a lot of things.”

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