Vindictus: Fiona Overhaul

Vindictus has overhauled Fiona, one of the game’s most popular tank characters. With the update come new abilities and an arsenal re-work.



Through an in-depth look at Fiona can be found on the official developers’ blog, here is a quick list of her new stats and abilities:

Active Skill: Shield Deflection


Fiona uses Shield Deflection to deflect incoming enemy attacks, powering up her next Smash attack. It can even be used during a Focal Point attack; however, if Fiona misses, and her timing is off, she will burn stamina. Missing will interrupt her attack. Here are the Active Skill’s complete stats:

Skill Name Shield Deflection
  • Level 26
  • 12,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank F
Activation Tab (Default)
  • Consumes 10 Stamina on use
  • If used successfully, can deflect the next enemy attack and protects you from damage for 0.25 seconds.
  • On Success, restores 25 Stamina, grants 30 SP and increases next Smash damage by 100%
  • On Success, if Focal Point was interrupted to use, can re-activate Focal Point without consuming SP.
  • Usable with both Small and Large Shields
  • Usable with both Longswords and Long Hammers

Active Skill: Iron Defense


When she spends 500 SP, Fiona activates Iron Defense. Iron Defense causes her to take a massively reduced amount of damage from attacks. Here is a complete list of stats:

Skill Name Iron Defense
  • Level 40
  • 12,000 Gold
  • Large Shield Mastery: Rank F or Above
Max Rank Rank A
Rank Up Bonuses
  • -5s cooldown/rank
  • +5% damage reduction/rank
Activation Active Ability Quick Slot
  • Reduces damage taken by 50% – 75%
  • Successful Perfect Guards reduces the active cooldown by 1s.
  • A Large Shield must be equipped to use.



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