A Tale in the Desert Becomes Player Driven

A Tale in the Desert

Becomes Player Driven

eGenesis is launching a new server that will allow players to completely control the timing of the telling.


Pittsburg, PA—œ January 25, 2010 —œ A Tale in the Desert, a unique combat-free MMO that focuses on social and crafting gameplay, will be launching a new

server on February 20, 2010. New and old players alike will be able to converge upon Egypt where nothing is built and everything is open for the taking. What makes this

server truly unique is that every test will already be coded into the game and the speed of this telling will only be limited by the players themselves.


This will be the first time A Tale in the Desert has run a second shard while another telling is currently ongoing. A Tale in the Desert has always been a great

sociological experiment, asking questions like “What will happen if players can completely control the world through the use of laws?” and “Will players work together in

a project when working against each other could potentially have more benefit to one of them?” This experiment continues with the launching of a new server, to see what

will happen when players have no limitations but themselves.

“Every Tale has had its own personality, which I believe is driven not by the

game’s code, but by the people who participate. We’ll put that theory to the test with the most refined Tale in the Desert yet,” says Andrew Tepper, President of


Players interested in A Tale in the Desert today can download the client from

target=”_blank”>http://atitd.com. A free trial is available in the current telling. Follow

target=”_blank”>http://twitter.com/atitd to keep on top of all the latest happenings.

About A Tale in the Desert
A Tale in the

Desert is a unique massive online game. It has absolutely no combat and death is rare. Within the game is one of the most complex trade skill systems that have ever been

created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. There is a discipline to meet almost any interest.

Perhaps most unique is that the game actually has an ending and a new telling starts up with players back at ground zero.



With more than 11 years of game development experience, eGenesis (Pittsburgh, Pa) has become an award winning industry leader in innovative game play

with A Tale in the Desert. Since its launch on February 15th 2003, the game has won numerous awards and received nominations including Game of the Year from DIY Games. Find

eGenesis online at http://www.atitd.com

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