Accounting Woes in Tamriel: Elder Scrolls Online

If you are one of the multitude playing the Elder Scrolls Online at the moment, you may have run into a little issue. How big an issue depends on how big a subscription you went for.

Subscription games, for those of you who either don’t play them or have forgotten what it was like, come with 30 free days included in the box price. At the end of those 30 days of (hopefully) joyous play, you pay. Hence the subscription.
However you aren’t supposed to be charged until you have played through the free time.

On the bright side, they announced this.

On the bright side, they announced this.

The Elder Scrolls, after having extended the early access time to give people their promised hours before that 30 day timer must begin, has run into a little mishap where authorization charges for the full amount of the subscription have been applied to accounts. You will get these charges returned to your account but the time may vary. If like me you have two 6 month long subs paid for, your account has suddenly shrunk by a noticable amount instead of a possibly unnoticed pizza.

Further to this, if you hadn’t set up a subscription plan there was a slight …. error in playing with your 30 free days.

As stated on the forums here by Community Manager Jessica Folsom:

Upon setting up your subscription plan you may see an initial transaction against your account however this transaction is only temporary. The charge represents an authorization check against the account provided and will be removed once the authorization check is complete.
Exceptions to this general rule are Webmoney, ideal, PaySafeCard, and Giropay.

If you find yourself in a position where you cannot cover the fees, as I almost did, they are ready and waiting to help you. Just contact Support at

Now as stated this is an authorization check and you will have that money returned to you, but the time can vary. I wont see it back myself until Friday… and that’s a lot of pizzas.

Keep an eye on the forums for updates.

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