Aeria Games Partners With Overwolf

Well, well, well. Aeria Games is back with another announcement, like they haven’t been active enough already. It seems acquiring a publisher, launching beta for a highly-anticipated MMOFPS Repulse and skyrocketing their player count just isn’t enough for Aeria Games. They have made another step forward in catching up with the industry by teaming up with Overwolf to provide in-game social features to keep players connected.

MMO Games Repulse Warehouse Screenshot

The Portal of Etain is the name of the collaboration between the publisher and software company Overwolf. Through the use of a wide range of social features accessible in-game players can keep connected within the Aeria Games community while playing online. Players will also have access to several embedded social media tools to make sure you at least stay in touch with the other "internet friends" you have.

“The Portal of Etain is an ideal combination of our gaming worlds and the social media tools we are all using every day,” said Lan Hoang, CEO of Aeria Games. “In addition to providing great gaming content to the community, our players will also like how this tool helps them easily connect with their friends, and share achievements and experiences.” 

“Aeria Games has one of the fastest growing communities in the online gaming market,” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “With Overwolf product, they will be able to help their games go viral even faster, while providing a cool and easy to use tool for their players.”

Visit the official Aeria Games site to find out more!

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