Aion: Ascension Launch Date Announced

NCSoft recently announced that Aion Online would be converting to a free-to-play model known as ‘truly free’. After much excitement over this conversion, the publisher has finally announced the official launch date for the truly free conversion. The release date also sets in stone the release date of update 3.0, which brings with it many new features. Aion: Ascension, the new name for the free version of Aion, will go live on April 11th 2012.

MMO Games Aion Ascension Screenshot

NCSoft has also released details on some new features that will be available in Aion: Ascension. A never-before-seen microtransaction feature will be available on the cash shop. The Customizable User Bundling Experience (C.U.B.E) can be purchased from the cash store, a player can then bundle items on the cash shop in to their cube. This feature allows players to create their own bundle packs which will provide players with special bonuses and rewards. The C.U.B.E can be filled with whichever items a player likes, as long as they can all fit.

In addition to the C.U.B.E feature, players will also have access to the Atreian Atlas. This new atlas will adapt to a players particular playstyle and draw out a personalized path that the player can follow. The atlas will detail how difficult a mission is, what the recommended level is and even provide videos on how to defeat bosses. Players will never get stuck and will always know what their next step is, along with what challenges lie in wait ahead.

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