AION brings Aethertech update to Europe

Version 4.5 of multiple award winning free-to-play fantasy MMORPG AION, has officially announced that it will be launching its game in ALL European language versions. What’s most striking is its addition of the second class specialization for the Engineer. Players can decide to slip into the role of the well-protected Aethertech, once they have reached level 10. And as icing on the cake, eight new instances have been added to South Katalam, the Katalam Underground and the upper Abyss.


I believe I can fly!

The Aethertech’s weapon of choice is the Aether key, which becomes a powerful weapon in the hands of this new class. With this key-weapon they can also summon their Mechs into battle. This technological beast of a machine draws all attacks, protecting fellow combatants from harm. In battle, they primarily found on the frontline, and perform well as tanks.

PvE gets an update too, with these eight new instances to keep the excitement flowing in Aion. The Rune Shield Tower, located in the Katalam Underground, can be entered once players have reached level 65. The Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield is located in South Katalam. Six more instances also await in the upper Abyss region and are suitable for players between level 61 through 65.

Check out their AION 4.5 update trailer down here:

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