Aion F2P Coming To NA This Spring

Aion: Ascension, the new name for the ‘truly free’ version of the Korean grindfest that European players have been enjoying in closed beta. NCSoft has announced that the same update will be hitting North American shores this spring, converting the MMO to a free-to-play model. The conversion will take place when content update 3.0 is released, bringing player housing, mounts, a new level cap and more for players to enjoy, free.

MMO Games Aion Ascension Screenshot

The Aion: Ascension free-to-play model gives players access to the entire game, both major expansions, 3000+ quests, 30+ instances, 18 zones, 3 PvP games, pets, all classes and the key social features (AH, chat, trade, crafting etc). Players can play the entire game for free, while the only things the cash shop will offer will be cosmetical or efficiency, no overpowered sets of armor or super buffs.

Some of the features of the Aion 3.0 content update include:
  • Housing System – Everyone gets a home. Decorate and party in your new home. 
  • Mount System – A new gameplay system which lets Daevas speed around the world of Atreia in style. 
  • New Instances – Six new instances including a challenging 24-player raid.
  • New Zones – Two stunning new zones in the Balaur homeland. 
  • New Level Cap – Five new levels bringing the max level to 60.

One thing to say, player housing is the one way to buy my attention for any MMO. Expect an article in the near future criticising the hell out of this if it doesn’t meet my high standards for housing. With that being said, it’s nice to see another MMO actually taking the time to introduce this feature. Mounts are another interesting thing for Aion, but it only seems logical that they could add this. Things are looking interesting for Aion, but will it be enough to save it?

Visit the official Aion site to find out more!

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