AION Free to Play: Housing, Weather, and Handicrafts

AION Free-to-Play is a newly free fantasy MMORPG by NCSoft. Receiving many major updates since launch, European players are eagerly awaiting update 3.0 and the new systems it will introduce to this MMO. With the release of update 3.0, NCSoft is introducing a new player housing system, a weather system and the new construction handicrafting feature.

MMO Games Aion Free to Play Screenshot

The housing system in AION comes in two flavors, apartments in studio blocks and detached buildings in the open-housing area. The studio apartment is available to all players who complete the required quest at level 21, players can customize the interior and don’t have to pay rent. The detached housing on the other hand comes in different styles, the house, estate, and the palace. 

There are a limited amount of detached houses which are auctioned off at set times and require a monthly rent of in-game currency. Players can decorate both the interior and exterior of the detached housing, even planting a small garden. To compliment the new housing system, players can take up the new handicrafting skill, used to build furniture and decorations. Finally, a weather system is being added which will mimic the real-world seasons.

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