AION Free To Play: Polished Levelling, Better Graphics, More Challenges

AION is the fantasy MMORPG that many fans have inhabited since 2009, while the game has had its up and downs, it has made steady improvements. The community of an MMO can be a wild beast and you have to approach them in the right way, I am sure everyone can tell you a moment they remember when a developer completely screwed over its community. NCSoft have done their best to listen to their community and provide them with what they want, without sacrificing their vision.

While they still haven’t exactly hit the nail on the head, it goes without saying that the game has had many large face lifts. Some might say this all began with patch 1.9, More Quests and Better Rewards, fixing a major problem with AION. This patch while introducing more quests to the total of 3,900 quests available, made it possible for a player to reach level cap entirely through questing.

The improvements continued shortly after with patch 2.0, introducing a new level cap of 55 and the new region of Balaurea. This brought along with it new dungeons to test your skills as well as wind streams and geysers which made travelling between areas a lot more efficient. The mentor program was also introduced not long after in 2.5, infamous for its graphical overhaul to an already gorgeous game.

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PvE had been improved, general everyday life aspects were improved but the PvP fans were still waiting. PvP is at the very heart of AION and in my opinion is what makes the game worth playing. Patch 2.7 was the largest update yet and catered specifically to the PvP players in the bunch. With the introduction of Crucible Coliseum arena and Padmarashka’s Cave, everyone was having fun somewhere.

Now this brings us to present day, what’s next for AION? Well why don’t I let them tell you in their own words, i’m too excited about the mention of player housing“Aside from our main focus on moving AION to our free-to-play model, we are also very much looking forward to expanding AION with lots of exciting content”, said Volker Beonigk, Executive Product Director at Gameforge, adding, “Since its release, AION has consistently been enhanced, and this shall continue to be the case. The new and innovative content in Version 3.0, such as the Housing System and weather effects, will help AION keep its place as one of the highest-rated and most popular MMOs worldwide. Beyond these updates, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure players get a challenging and fun experience from AION for years to come”.

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