Aion Goes Free To Play Next Year

NCSoft has recently announced a big change for their Fantasy MMORPG Aion. As of February 2012, players from across the globe will be able to play Aion completely free. That’s right, another subscription based MMO is jumping the fence in an attempt to secure greener pastures. Aion has received a gradual decline in subscribers and even NCSoft admitted the servers are becoming "more and more deserted". With hopes of boosting their numbers, especially in Europe, NCSoft has teamed up with German publisher Gameforge. Together, these two companies will help bring Aion Free-to-Play to Europe. So what does this mean for current players?

MMO Games Aion Wallpaper

All content, quests and levels will be unrestricted to a free player. This means you can hit the level cap and participate in all dungeons, but there are some restrictions. A free player will not be able to trade, use certain chat channels and are restricted from other certain "convenience" features. A previous subscriber can convert to a Veteran account by switching their account at the NCSoft site to the GameForge service. A veteran, while still slightly restricted, will unlock more features than a standard free player and will be able to open their own stall, use chat channels etc. For those wishing to maximize their efficiency and receive no limitations on non-essential features, there will be a Gold pack available. Full information on the different account types can be found by clicking here. More details to be announced soon!

Visit the Aion Free-to-Play website to find out more!

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