Aion Listens to Player Feedback For New Update

The developers of Aion have taken some time and energy to gather feedback from their community. Today’s update is the first step in implementing feature adjustments and quality of life improvements based on its interactions with the community. Players who enjoy Aion as a secondary MMO or haven’t played for awhile will probably enjoy the new “Abbeys” feature. The new feature set allows players who haven’t logged in for a month to catch up on gear upgrades through a series of daily and one time events.

For more information on all the new changes for Aion, please see the official patch notes.


In order to stem the increasingly powerful tide of Beritra’s minions, Kaisinel and Marchutan have established areas to rehabilitate Elyos and Asmodians who have returned after having been away from the war effort. These sanctuaries, known as Abbeys, are where returning Daevas can find support, quests, and dispatch NPCs to ease them into their return to Atreia.

2. The Wisplight Abbey (Elyos) and Fatebound Abbey (Asmodians) can only be accessed by players with an Abbey Return Stone. – An Abbey Return Stone will be granted to any player who has not logged in for 30 days. The stone will last for 30 days.

– Returning players will also receive a buff with a 10% drop rate increase. This status will last for 30 days.

– Teleport statues have been added to each capital city for Abbey access.

– Right clicking an Abbey Return Stone will teleport a player to their race’s Abbey, and using the stone while within the Abbey will return them to their original location. – A special area in each Abbey can be stood upon to recharge Energy of Repose, up to 15%.

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