Aion New Update Goes Live

NC soft has released the newest update for Aion. Invasion,  the newest free update includes a lot of new content. Much of the new content is PVP oriented. Included are two new zones Kaldor and Levinshor, both of the zones feature open world PVP. The Linkgate Foundry is a new solo instance  for players around level 65. The other instance, Igdel dome is a PVPvE team based dungeon. Continuing the PvP theme, Aion has implemented a cross server PvP system. Fore more information on the new update please see the official website.


One of the biggest new features for the expansion are the Beritra Invasion Bosses.

From NCsoft

Beritra’s invasion monsters will appear in some regions at certain times.Beritra has researched ancient Danuar weapons ever since discovering Ide and Hyperion in Katalam. Deep within the Sauro Supply Base was a hidden cache of Danuar weapon designs and machine parts. Beritra used this new technology to create legions of highly advanced autonomous weapons, which he
uses to sow chaos and Balaurea, Abyss, and even Elysea and Asmodae.

  • The Linkgate Foundry Instance a solo instance, level 65
  • Igdel Dome a PvPvE team instance
  •  New daily login rewards
  • Beritra Invasion Bosses
  • Equipment Purification, a new system to acquire item stat bonuses
  • Server vs Server PvP
  • Two new PVP Zones Kaldor and Levinshor
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