Aion Player Test Server Live in Anticipation for 2.7

Finally the end of waiting and anticipation is drawing near, as NCSoft’s ever-popular MMO Aion approaches 2.7! In order to celebrate the new release, the Player Test Server (or PTS) is now live (as of October 12, 12pm Pacific)! All PTS participants will have the chance to get a sneak peek at all the upcoming contact that will arive later this month with 2.7.

Some new, exciting features of the new update include: A 1v1 arena called the Arena of SOlitude, the “Free for All” Arena of Chaos as well as newly implemented training areas to train new Daevas and increase their chances of success in the new arenas.

On top of that, players level 55 and above can group up into a group of up to 48 people and take on the deadly Dragon’s Lair: Padmarashka’s Cave. Tonnes of new equipment, as well as new platinum medal quests make this an update not to be missed!


For complete information on Aion 2.7 check out the official 2.7 patch notes at the Official Aion Site!

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