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Aion Releases Upheaval, New Free-to-Play Patch

Aion announced the release of Upheaval this morning, a new free-to-play patch that introduces loads of new content.


Aion released cinamtics for their newest expansion, Upheaval. Also called Patch 4.8, Upheaval introduces two brand new zones (Cygene and Enshar), two new raids (Stonespear Reach and Dragonspire Depths), and a new land-claiming Territory Battles system for legions. Cosmetic updates are also underway, with new weapon and armor sets. Gear sets include the Dark Lord Set, the Sea Feast Set, and the Wave Song Set.


Respectively light and dark, the two new zones feel like halves of a Tao proverb. Cygenea feels light and welcoming; Enshar feels dark and mysterious.

From the official page:

A land with two names, wrenched forth from the depths of a reluctant ocean, bares its face anew to every curious eye of a surface dweller. Secrets long drowned fill Cygnea and Enshar with a spark of mystery and foreboding. A darkness hangs over these risen lands, casting a shadow over each meeting of grain and blade. Filled with aquatically inclined creatures, dotted with sand-swept dunes, spindly forests, and treacherous bogs, these lost lands hold secrets best left forgotten. So much so, that it is rumored their sinking was intentional for reasons beyond the fevered nightmares of dragon-fire and scale-clad wings.


Stonespear Reach is an ancient battleground, a meeting place for settling disputes. Drakenspire is a a living prison. Ever-expanding, it has no warden. Players should have a lot of fun exploring both raids. They are impeccably deep and incredibly well-written.

For more information on Aion and the Upheaval expansion, visit the official website here.

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