Aion’s Wind of Fate Update is Officially Live

Aion is switching things up a bit in its latest update. Actually, it’s changing a lot. Sarpan, Tiamaranta, and Katalam are no more, and now players between the levels 55-65 will have the venture into Signia and Vengar for their world pvp.

Aion Wind of Fate 2

I know the removal of 3 complete zones might come as a shock to many. It is highly unusual for a game to just completely remove a zone, but apparently Gameforge thinks it’s for the best. According to the storyline of Aion, Katalam, Tiamaranta, and Sarpan have sunk into the sea’s floods and have disappeared from the face of Atreia forever to make room for the unexplored regions of Vengar and Signia.


Signia and Vengar

In these regions, you’ll encounter the mysterious Aquans. Natives of the floods until now, they are the original inhabitants of the forgotten continent. Be wary though, as enemy faction incursions can happen here at any time! Rifts allow you to travel to the enemy region and fight for the honor of your people. Signia belongs to the Elyos, while Vengar is the territory of the Asmodians. To give you a better look at the regions, here is a video introducing both Signia and Vengar in all of their majestic glory:


Territorial Battles

The Plaza of Challenge allows legions of level 6 and up (with at least 12 players) to go up against each other. The winners will have claim to a territory village for a limited period of time, while also getting profit from special rewards, merchants, titles and buffs.

Aion Vengar

Three territories in both Vengar and Signia can be captured by legions. Once you win a territorial battle, you’ll also have simpler access to rifts in the enemy territory, for further humiliation of the opposing faction.


New and Reworked Instances

A new instance, named Makarna, has entrances in both Signia and Vengar. Beritra has ventured into Makarna to seize an unknown power for himself. You and 11 players of level 65 need to enter the instance to stop his attempts at doing so!


As for changes to the already existing instances: the Sauro War Depot, the Rune Shield Tower, the Steel Wall Bastion as well as the Runadium have been relocated to Akaron and Kaldor. The Rentus Base, Refuge of the Rune Tribe, Aturam Sky Fortress, Jormungand Bridge, Tiamat’s Shelter, Tiamat’s Fortress and Raksang can now be entered via Signia and Vengar.

Unfortunately, the Argent Manor, Muada’s Trencher, Idgel Research Laboratory, Void Room, the Satra Treasure Hoard, Steel Rose, and the Hall of Knowledege as well as the Elementis Forest are no longer available. The Rentus Base, Refuge of the Rune Tribe and Tiamat’s Shelter are now available in a more difficult version,to further challenge players.



Another massive change; players will no longer be able to socket 12 stigmas. Instead, you’ll have 6 stigma slots available, and a seventh stigma skill (the Vision Stigma) will be unlocked when all of the surrounding stigmas have been set. This skill is based on the composition of your stigmas. Also, you will no longer need stigma shards for socketing, only Kinah. That comes with a cost though, being that you will have to go to an NPC to equip stigmas and can no longer do it from your inventory. Additionally, characters in the future will automatically receive stigmas with level ups, so they will no longer need to be purchased.

To give you a better understanding of these dramatic changes, take a look at the Wind of Fate trailer above. And if you don’t like the changes, always blame Beritra!

Source: Aion Official Website

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