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Albion Online Announces Next Alpha Test

 Sandbox Interactive the developers of Albion Online, have announced the date of their next alpha test. Starting on January 26th players who have purchased the legendary and epic founders pack will have access to this round of the alpha testing phase. The Winter Alpha promises many new features added in to the sandbox, including an extensive farming system to offer players a productive alternative to Albion Online’s intense PvP. other additions include the introduction of consumables such as food and potions, which will offer buffs and health regeneration to players in combat. Players can also look forwards to more weapons and skills during the next Alpha phase. More of the new features can be seen in a blog on Albion Online’s official website.


In addition, fans can also expect a detailed changelog with updates on all of the improvements and additions made since the last alpha within the next few weeks. If experience from previous Alpha tests is any indicator of quality, Sandbox MMO fans are in for an exciting experience with Albion Online. For those interested in participating in the next test can do so by supporting development and becoming a founder. Founder packs include rewards such as access to testing phases and in-game items.

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